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In 1970, Zoe Coste and Nino Amaddeo opened the doors of their very first shop in Juan-Les-Pins, and launched Patchouli, Ambre and Musc perfumes.

For a long time, Reminiscence was like a secret kept jealously by customers who did not want to share the mystery and privilege of having discovered exclusive jewels and perfumes that seemed to have been specially created for them.

Today, with their children, Lilla Amaddeo and Sebasien Coste, Nino and Zoe continue to make people dream.

Reminiscence is an atypical brand that cultivates contrasts and where cultures blend. The mission of Reminiscence is to fascinate people - telling stories, arousing unique and magical emotions. The passion, the daring originality, and the most exuberant madness merge with style into precious materials.


Reminiscence Paris Gift Sets & Candles

29913-150.jpg Reminiscence Paris - Oud Scented Candle - 6.5 oz
Item 29913


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The Oud candle delicately distills its irresistible fragrance through all the rooms of the house.

A perfume of mystery, carried on soft winds from Arabia, Oud reveals facets of spice, wood and leather wrapped in the Reminiscence signature.

29917-150.jpg Reminiscence Paris - Patchouli Coffret - 2 pcs
Item 29917


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Reminiscence Patchouli is indisputably recognized as a legendary fragrance that enchants with its sensual and mysterious wake. This sense of bohemian and sensual freedom it provides, has made it the scent of a generation.

Patchouli, Cedar, Sandalwood.

Patchouli Eau de Toilette - 100 ml
Complimentary Patchouli Purse Spray - 20 ml

27931-150.jpg Reminiscence Paris - White Tubereuse EDP Coffret - 2 pcs
Item 27931


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A single drop suffices to reveal its generosity and power. White Tubereuse, a new emotion to share around this delicate, powerful and generous flower. An elegant start with ylang ylang unfolding into a creamy and fruity heart of Tuberose. Sprinkled with spicy bouquets, the base bursts into a myriad of woody and musky notes.

Arrives in a handsome gift box with a complimentary Roll-on Perfume.

Notes: Tuberose, Ylang Ylang, Cinnamon

White Tubereuse Eau de Parfum - 100 ml
White Tubereuse Roll On Parfume - 10 ml

27932-150.jpg Reminiscence Paris - Love Rose EDP Coffret - 2 pcs
Item 27932


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A spontaneous rendezvous with a “precious lady,” the Centifolia Rose. An exceptional bouquet around the Rose Centifolia, the most precious of roses, cultivated in Grasse, France. A fresh start of citrus fruits, a refined heart of fusing rose, iris and jasmine absolutes, over an enticing musk base.

Arrives in a handsome gift box with a complimentary Roll-on Perfume.

Notes: Grasse Rose, Peach, Patchouli

Love Rose Eau de Parfum - 100 ml
Love Rose Roll On Parfume - 10 ml

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