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the first line created to be potent and pure enough for the face and therapeutic for the body.

experience a rush of wellness, drawing life and replenishment from nature. create a feeling of radiant elation and optimal health. embrace the healing spirit of the icy sea, a bounty of ripe antioxidant-rich berries, fresh white peat and immune-boosting wild mushrooms, birch vihta, phyto-nutrients, powerful ions, whole essential oils and pure plant hydrosols.

deep health lies in returning to nature, feel the source that is beautiful, active and delicate, complete and alive.

red flower nature is about exceptional ingredients ingredients so carefully sourced, so deeply pure and purposeful that the entire line should be used as a healthful system for improving the skin condition on the face and the body. exceptional ingredients used at the highest level of potency and concentration, with great attention to detail and care from small purveyors. used to maximize therapeutic effects and aroma-therapeutic benefits, the waters are pure flower distillations, the one-hundred percent whole essential oils, are cold press extractions. every single ingredient is natural, effective, sourced for their purity, quality, and efficacy - most importantly, each delivers a rich benefit and purpose. these powerful anti-oxidizing and detoxifying ingredients coupled with simple application techniques, incredible textures, delicate, whole essential oil scents and steaming, running water make for a new direction in living healthfully and beautifully.

each product in the line works as a whole to replenish skin. the practice of purification is an essential part of how we live everyday and making this practice into a more meaningful, beautiful ritual offers benefits far beyond the surface of t he skin. there are extraordinary, healing rituals from every part of the world which have their own tradition, those that resonate most powerfully are the purification rituals from japan, turkey and finland. in finland the sauna is used as a place to cleanse the mind, rejuvenate, refresh the spirit and restore good health. with red flower nature, the intention is to feel as pure, clean, and alive as one would stepping out of a finnish sauna hut into the bright sunshine. every product is inspired by this practice to deliver the spirit and intention of the ritual ,and the benefits derived from that experience, along with something deeper, a feeling of being transported, delighted and released.

the nature products, while delivering new life to skin, are part of a holistic system of living optimistically, pulling health from within. everyday, using red flower nature, should change the way life is lived. as with any practice, dedication and dedication to oneself is the first step.

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red flower nature

28105-150.jpg red flower nature - organic birch mineral hydrotherapy soaking plunge - 32 oz
Item 28105


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release tension, muscle and joint pain.
immerse the body in the healing waters of soothing sea minerals, fresh tree oils and crushed juniper berries. experience deep muscular, circulatory and spiritual relief through hydrotherapy as the body is rendered weightless. find release in this invigorating soak of hand-harvested certified organic grey sea salt from the coast of brittany, rich in essential nutrients that rejuvenate and stimulate cellular turnover. breathe in earthy green violet leaf, crushed mint leaves, fallen pine needles, and warm rosewood to transport the senses to place of untouched wilderness. the soothing bark extracts of birch and fir ease muscular and joint pain, while reducing inflammation. this warming holistic soak brings to mind the burning fires of dry aged wood inside a hot cedar sauna, leaving the body feeling refreshed, revitalized and alive.

26382-150.jpg red flower nature - illuminating rose collagen renewal face serum - 1 oz
Item 26382


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instantly boost circulation and plump skin with a rush of rejuvenating whole rose essential oil concentrate, omega 3, 6 and 9, ellagic acid and potent, antioxidant-rich berry-complex. activate cellular renewal and enhance collagen to reduce signs of environmental damage, create glow and fully awaken skin.

23518-150.jpg red flower nature - bioactive berry white peat exfoliant - 50 g
Item 23518


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polish to bring radiance to face and body by enhancing elasticity and reducing toxins.

a transformative skincare system created to deliver omega 3s and 6s, beta glucans and concentrated antioxidants. potent and pure for the face and therapeutic for the body.

19773-150.jpg red flower nature - radiant skin set - 6 pcs
Item 19773


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the perfect travel/starter/sampling set.

• active organic milk forest purifier – 1.1 oz
• bioactive berry white peat exfoliant – 1.7 oz
• lymphatic phytopower sea cleanser and masque – 1.1 oz
• ionizing vita toning flower mist – 0.3 oz
• essential omega fresh berry-oil serum – 0.3 oz
• arctic berry cloud milk cream – 1.7 oz

packaged in a eco-friendly reusable bag.

19037-150.jpg red flower nature - active organic milk forest purifier - 8.8 oz
Item 19037


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feel a gentle cleanse rich in lactic acid to gently exfoliate and smooth the skin. high in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, vitamins a, b12 and d to strengthen and stimulate vitality leaving a more supple skin tone. helps to reduce toxicity in the body while increasing cellular turnover. rich with vitamin c, cloudberries, evergreens, herbs, and potent energizing extracts to deliver intense anti-oxidants, nature’s most powerful arctic berries.

*best suited for normal, combination and oily skin.

19059-150.jpg red flower nature - arctic berry cloud milk cream - 5.8 oz
Item 19059


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rich in skin’s essential needs, the rare and precious cloudberry brings to the skin softening fatty acids and anti-oxidizing vitamins in a divinely light-textured cream. filled with the scent of tens of thousands of tiny spring buds and concentrated anti-oxidants to encourage the skin’s complete and radiant rebirth. replaces the natural loss of collagen and elastin, regenerates cells to leave skin replenished, protected and more supple. concentrated and potent to provide fortifying moisture and protection to the skin cells around the eyes, the face and body. enter the clouds. find heaven on earth.

19056-150.jpg red flower nature - bioactive berry white peat exfoliant - 14.5 oz
Item 19056


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restore skin’s smooth texture, health and refined condition by removing dead skin cells and drawing out toxins. an exceptional exfoliator, with arctic white peat, rich plant sterols, essential fiber, fatty acid, lipoid, mineral and soil nutrient structure which produces warming enzymes and moisture on contact with the skin. bioactive berries offer a surge of vitamin c and powerful omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids encouraging cellular rejuvenation and increased blood flow. blended with certified organic sea salt, aloe butter and algae to provide a powerful anti-oxidant boost and a radiant glow.

19058-150.jpg red flower nature - essential omega fresh berry-oil serum - 2.4 oz
Item 19058


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replenishes and provides nutrient-rich moisture, improving complexion and skin tone. high in essential omega 3 and omega-6 fatty acids that help support collagen production and diminish signs of aging. phyto-nutrient plant sterols, anthocyanins, tocotrienols, oleic acids and naturally occurring vitamin c from pressed arctic lingonberry, cranberry, raspberry, and strawberry seed oil, transformed by the energy of the arctic sunshine, are a potent source of anti-oxidants to encourage skin regeneration and radiant nourishment from head to toe.

*use with arctic berry cloud milk cream for optimal hydration. also effective for facial rejuvenation acupressure massage.

19057-150.jpg red flower nature - ionizing vita toning floral mist - 3.4 oz
Item 19057


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a toning, one-hundred-percent whole essential oil and pure plant hydrosol mist to balance the skin and restore the natural ph level, leaving the skin clean, clear and ready to be hydrated. steam-distilled hydrosols are mildly astringent to help constrict and contract skin tissue. misting vita creates a rush of negative ions, awakening a sense of health and well-being. ion steam distillation of rose, rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin c and calming, revitalizing lavender over the face and body refreshes and anti-oxidizes the skin. negative ions are shown to promote alpha brain waves, improve awareness and reduce anxiety creating a feeling of joy.

19060-150.jpg red flower nature - lymphatic phytopower sea cleanser and masque - 8.8 oz
Item 19060


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improve the texture and appearance of the skin by cleansing then wrapping the skin with rich marine plants, lipid-rich arctic white peat, wild mushrooms, sun-filled berries and fresh citrus oils to regenerate circulatory and lymphatic flow while increasing cellular turnover and reducing toxicity. a superb bond of aloe and marine algae to repair dry, sun and pollution damaged skin while boosting essential moisture and reducing fine lines. certified organic reishi, chaga and maitake mushrooms encourage cellular regeneration, rid the body of excess fluids and toxins, stimulating the lymphatic flow with helichrysum, tangerine and juniper. be wrapped in pure health. *cleanser for dry, delicate and mature skin as a masque for all skin types.

Fragrant Flowers!
Purchase $65 or more in red flower products and receive an amazing full-size Purifying Body wash in your choice of Japanese Peony, Moroccan Rose or Spanish Gardenia. Please let us know in the comments area box upon checkout which scent you prefer.

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