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the experience of using all seven steps of red flower japan leaves the body with as much vital energy and glow as a great morning of yoga.

yael alkalay, red flower founder, spent over five years living in and traveling through japan. she first experienced traditional japanese bathing in ishikawa, a small mountain village where there are more onsen, natural hot springs and sento, bathhouses, than in any other part of japan and where many of the traditional ingredients and purification methods are still very much alive.

red flower japan is a series of seven body treatment products that stimulate blood flow through the body by blending layers of exceptional ingredients and pure scents deeply into the skin. each product is formulated to prepare the skin for the next step, ultimately releasing the flow of vital energy into the body, leaving the skin luminous and delicately scented.

blend powerful botanical ingredients and pure plant extracts into the skin to purify and hydrate, energize and firm, revive and replenish, warm the body, soften and draw in energy.

100% botanically based and essential oil derived. flowers hold life. entirely free of drying agents, dyes and harsh preservatives.

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red flower japan

13979-150.jpg red flower japan - yuzu mimosa sea algae wash - 8.8 oz
Item 13979


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bring skin to a purified, hydrated softness. begin by washing with this rich, moisturizing wash that is a pure fusion of yuzu, mimosa flowers, deep sea algae, pink grapefruit, elemi, moss and ylang ylang.

13980-150.jpg red flower japan - ohana gingergrass bamboo scrub - 14.5 oz
Item 13980


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to stimulate circulation, increase blood flow, remove rough, dry skin and improve skin energy by exfoliating with deeply invigorating oils of ginger, lime and fine grains of bamboo.

13985-150.jpg red flower japan - wild cherry blossom rice buff - 2 oz
Item 13985


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soften more deeply with every drop of this pearly, penetrating buff. this nutritive blend of rice bran, cherry blossom and wild cherry bark extract brings healthy minerals and softness to the skin. in shower and bath, soak cloth bag in warm water until rice mixture is completely saturated. gently pat over skin, releasing the silky liquid while using the bag to softly buff entire body. let bag hang from string to dry. best for about seven washes.

13982-150.jpg red flower japan - rose camellia plum soft-water mist - 3.4 oz
Item 13982


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mist over the body and face whenever the skin feels dehydrated and dull. mist this blend of replenishing plum wine, soft-water, lovely sweet-smelling camellia, rose and plum blossoms for the pleasure of petal fresh skin.

13983-150.jpg red flower japan - kinmoxei wild lime silk oil - 2.4 oz
Item 13983


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fill the body with the scent of pure flowers and softening oils. this blend of the beautifully tiny, yet intensely scented kinmoxei flowers and hints of wild lime, bergamot, vetivert, and ylang ylang in rice bran, leaves skin with a silky finish.

13984-150.jpg red flower japan - plum blossom silk cream - 5.8 oz
Item 13984


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complete the feeling of soft skin with a delicate, protective layer of silk. this highly-absorbant, nutritive, sweet scented cream is a blend of plum, apricot, passionflower, rose blossoms, concentrated silk extracts and plum wine serum.

13981-150.jpg red flower japan - hinoki mint mineral bath soak - 32 oz
Item 13981


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Lift the spirits and relax the body with this blend of hinoki wood, mint oil, chlorophyll and minerals from the deep earth. no daily ritual is more important to well-being than a warm bath at the end of the day.

13986-150.jpg red flower japan - sento set - 6 pcs
Item 13986


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Take this ritual-based body treatment set with you. each product is formulated to prepare the skin for the next step, leaving your skin purified, energized, softened and delicately scented. In japan, this custom of deeply purifying and stimulating the skin before soaking in healing waters is a bathing ritual so innate that for centuries it has continued to be performed daily without thought, only presence.

• mini wild cherry blossom rice buff – 16 g
• yuzu mimosa algae sea wash – 32.5 ml
• plum blossom silk cream – 34 g
• kinmoxei wild lime silk oil – 8.9 ml
• rose camellia plum soft-water mist – 8.9 g
• ohana gingergrass bamboo scrub – 28 g

packaged in a eco-friendly reusable bag.

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