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intensely scented organic room diffusers
a well-scented home opens to rare woods, wild flowers and warm spices. begin with this simple and timeless method of bringing space to life. each long palm wood stem diffuses intense clean scent from a demeter certified, bio-dynamic blend, encased in a recycled spanish glass vase. welcome.

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red flower organic room diffusers

23994-150.jpg red flower - icelandic moonflower organic room diffuser - 8.5 oz
Item 23994


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the clean scent of a winter garden blooming at night. a transforming, misty blend of arctic river flower, boronia, apple blossom, and moonflower. scent the room with the grassy floral that transcends the night.

15728-150.jpg red flower - jasmine grandiflorum organic room diffuser - 8.5 oz
Item 15728


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Simple and clean, this diffuser comes encased in recycled glass, with long palm-wood stems to release a burst of fragrant essence. Each scent breathes an ephemeral blend of organic wildflowers and spices, filling your space with a welcoming aroma. an essential oil blend of jasmine sambac, neroli orange blossom, tangerine, and ylang-ylang.

16198-150.jpg red flower - orange blossom organic room diffuser - 8.5 oz
Item 16198


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a gentle song, with ever-changing notes, the smell of sweet blossoms infusing the air and the nectar of ripe oranges and uplifting lemon oil. tempered by a soft honey collected from wild roses. a mingling of citrus and fragrant blossoms. a rare creation that bears both fruit and blossom in tandem. a harmony of nature.

23992-150.jpg red flower - wanderlust organic room diffuser - 8.5 oz
Item 23992


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notes of aged paper, the smell of old books, indelible as the stories themselves. and glimpses of nature that grow between the cracks, of rare barks, white woods, wild grass and warm earthy resins. a space of comforting warmth amid a snow covered skyline and the clean freshness of hinoki wood.

15522-150.jpg red flower - cardamom amber organic room diffuser - 8.5 oz
Item 15522


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the scent of living history, a secret uncovered, of musty earth and traded spices. a warming surrender of cardamom and amber resin. a sensual, honeyed aroma produced by one of nature’s rarest ingredients, aloeswood. an aromatic tree resin produced after hundreds of years, extracted at its utmost peak. the smell of time and space unfolding. sense the warming release of crushed cardamom as it heats and warms the entire being, blended with the deeply meditative scent of frankincense and myrrh.

15727-150.jpg red flower - wild cherry blossom organic room diffuser - 8.5 oz
Item 15727


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an essential oil blend of cherry blossom, bulgarian rose, and cherry.

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