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Eyes Wide Open Brightening Liner Duo

Longer ago than anyone can recall, the white peacock of the Enchanted Garden was banished by the green swans. Jealous of his pristine whiteness, they lifted away his ability to fly and exiled him to the foggy Grey Valley, an elongated indent of land from which nothing is visible except the dark clouds. For centuries, he quivered his imprisoned wings in a vain attempt to flutter free of the valley, but the ancient curse upon him could not be lifted. Then, on the fourth day of the third moon, he stumbled upon the Waterfall of Revelations, bathed in its glacial waters and was suddenly airborne again. Basking in an epiphany of novel perceptions, the mist was torn away before his eyes and he flew majestically out of the valley, free once again to roam the hills and forests.

We all sometimes need new horizons, fresh perceptions and the heady rush of revelation - so we created the Brightening Liner Duo. A gentle stroke of one side of the pencil applied on the waterline, and the other side of the pencil on your brow bone, will free your eyes from the weight of limitations and open them widely to drink in the world around. The Brightening Liner Duo will lift their beautiful whites and their glow from the hidden depths and display them for all to see.


Rouge Bunny Rouge Brightening Liner Duo

22481-150.jpg Rouge Bunny Rouge - Brightening Liner Duo - Eyes Wide Open (052) - 4.11 g
Item 22481


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Contains a: Pearlescent, milky white side and a Rose side.

The comfortable to handle Brightening Liner Duo makes the most precise application possible. The very creamy and satin texture glides on smoothly and ensures a tender application especially for the delicate skin around your eyes.

The sheer pearlescent, milky white, highlighting side can be used to brighten up the inner and outer corners of the eyes and the brow bone.

The soft and luxurious rose hues of the Brightening Liner Duo side make your eyes look instantly wide awake when applied on the waterline. This light rose veil looks more natural on the inner lid, especially for day make-up, compared to traditional whitening liner.

Strawberry Kisses!
With your $55 or more Rouge Bunny Rouge purchase receive a full size Gleaming Lip Gloss in Coy - a warm sheer strawberry with hints of silver & gold. So pretty!

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