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Rouge Bunny Rouge Accessories

22814-150.jpg Rouge Bunny Rouge - Powder Brush (001) - 1 pc
Item 22814


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The biggest brush of the collection. Soft and sleek to the touch and perfect for any type of powder or bronzing powder.

With its help you can create light, thin and even layers for a flawless, invisible finish. You can also use this brush for removing powder or excessive blusher when your make-up is finished.

Take a touch of powder with the tip of the brush and brush the powder onto your skin with light flicks. This will conceal any minor skin flaws and fix the foundation with a natural matt finish. The advantage of this brush is its size – you can apply powder, highlighting powder and bronzer not only on the face, but on the neck, décolleté, arms...

22624-150.jpg Rouge Bunny Rouge - Blusher Brush (002) - 1 pc
Item 22624


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This brush has been created specifically for powder blusher and is the ideal size and shape to ensure perfect application. For a sublime blush, use just a little color, smile and apply blusher on the apples of your cheeks, then slightly shade it towards your temples. Blusher refreshes your skin color and can also be used to create an oval face shape and contour cheeks, brows, jaw line etc.

22625-150.jpg Rouge Bunny Rouge - Large Shader Brush (003) - 1 pc
Item 22625


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This professional brush helps you to apply and blend eyeshadows seamlessly and without spilling loose powder onto your cheeks.

The thickness of the brush and its flat shape allow you to focus on individual areas of your eyelids, brow bone and crease smoothly and effortlessly.

You can also use this brush to smooth Eye Glosess straight onto the eye area or over our Kohl Eye Pencil.

To create more intensive shades, apply Eye Shadow over the Aqua Primer. For truly dramatic intensity, use the brush wet with the Powder Eye Shadows.

22626-150.jpg Rouge Bunny Rouge - Concealer Brush (004) - 1 pc
Item 22626


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This easy to use brush lets you apply concealer to the sensitive area under the eyes, and mask all small skin imperfections like an expert. The secret of application is in the color; always use a color that is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone.

Simply dot tiny amounts of Luminous Skin Wand under the eyes and use this brush to smooth it imperceptibly across the skin. For small blemishes, place a minute amount of Luminous Skin Wand over the area and gently blend into the skin.

22627-150.jpg Rouge Bunny Rouge - Mini Shader Brush (005) - 1 pc
Item 22627


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This versatile small brush is excellent at applying and merging different eye colors with great precision. Create broad, softened lines close to the lashes for a smoky look, dry for a soft focus effect, or wet for a more dramatic finish. Use it to sweep colour under the eye for a soft outline.

22628-150.jpg Rouge Bunny Rouge - Brows Brush (006) - 1 pc
Item 22628


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This firm brush is essential for anyone wishing to create an ideal eyebrow look and frame and enhance the eyes.

The sloping shape of this brush is excellent for creating perfect brows with powders or gels. Alternatively, use it after applying eyebrow pencil, to soften and refine the pencil lines for a soft natural look.

22633-150.jpg Rouge Bunny Rouge - Brows & Lashes Brush (007) - 1 pc
Item 22633


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A combination brush for immaculate lashes and brows. The mascara brush gives perfect coverage with just one sweep and the comb separates the lashes and removes any hint of clumps. The brow brush coaxes unruly brows into shape, or can be used to brush the hairs upwards for a tousled, natural look. For the best results, apply a little 'Angel’s Play' Eye Gloss to hold the brows in place.

22960-150.jpg Rouge Bunny Rouge - Eye Liner Brush (008) - 1 pc
Item 22960


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This brush allows you apply liquid and gel liners like a virtuoso. The conical shape is easy to use, giving you complete control as you sweep it across the base of the eyelashes. It gives a fine line that can be thickened with further applications. You can also use it wet and turn any eyeshadow into an eyeliner in the blink of an eye.

22961-150.jpg Rouge Bunny Rouge - Foundation Brush (009) - 1 pc
Item 22961


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Now you can apply any foundation or tinted moisturizer like a true make-up artist! The TecalonTM fibres used don’t absorb foundation like natural fibres would and they allow you to apply even layers of your favourite product. The result is a natural, flawless finish. Use a little foundation and lightly brush it over the entire face. Blend the jaw and hair line seamlessly. Finish with the Flawless Face Powder or Highlighting Powder, using RBR Powder Brush 001.

22629-150.jpg Rouge Bunny Rouge - Lips Brush (010) - 1 pc
Item 22629


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The size of the brush and length of the fibres ensure that you can create the perfect pout, whether with lipstick, gloss, or a combination of both. Use the brush to apply any lip products with precision, whether alone or after using the Lip Pencil.

RBR’s make-up artists apply foundation to the lips first, to make a flawless canvas on which to paint your cupid’s bow. Outline the mouth with a pencil that is lighter than the lip gloss or lipstick you have chosen, and then carefully fill in with color. To make the lips appear fuller, use a little of a very light or glittery shade in the centre of your bottom lip and the centre top of your upper lip.

Because the brush is retractable, you can carry it with confidence in your handbag or make-up bag for instant use whenever you want.

22630-150.jpg Rouge Bunny Rouge - Crease Brush (011) - 1 pc
Item 22630


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This brush is used for applying Eye Shadow onto the upper eyelid, above and into the crease between upper and lower lids. It is best for blending and merging colours, whether for a natural, no make-up look or for a soft smoky finish with darker colors.

The dome shape of the brush ensures that the Powder Eye Shadows will cling to the hairs and not drop onto your cheeks. The hair is so soft, it can be used on even the most sensitive skin.

22631-150.jpg Rouge Bunny Rouge - Face Contour Brush (012) - 1 pc
Item 22631


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This brush is excellent in terms of creating accents to emphasize your facial contours with a dark blusher below and a highlighting powder above your cheekbones. Then use the Blusher Brush 002 to apply Blusher for a rosy glow over your contouring. With the help of this brush and two shades of Blusher or Highlighting Powder you will be able to create an ideal oval face shape. You would like to look natural and irresistible? Then this brush is what you need!

22632-150.jpg Rouge Bunny Rouge - Eye Liner Brush (013) - 1 pc
Item 22632


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This super-fine, elegant brush is for putting on liquid eyeliner, when dipped in water, it can be used to apply eye shadow as a liner.

The incredibly thin brush helps you draw a subtle, even line at the base of your upper and lower lashes. Reapply to make the line thicker for a more dramatic look.

25556-150.jpg Rouge Bunny Rouge - Highlighter Brush (014) - 1 pc
Item 25556


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This brush has been created specifically for the liquid & powder textures. This Highlighter Brush allows you to evenly apply the Highlighting Liquid, as well as any of the liquid or powder products, including foundations. You can use this professional tool for local applications (concealers, color correctors), too. The voluminous, oval shape of the brush head, combined with synthetic bristles of medium hardness, provides an excellent result, allowing a perfectly smooth application.

22623-150.jpg Rouge Bunny Rouge - Shader (015) - 1 pc
Item 22623


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The sponge on this applicator was specifically chosen as the most effective for applying RBR Eye Shadows as its texture allows it to pick up the powder pigment perfectly.

Use it to apply Eye Shadow over the entire eye area and under the eyes before blending with the appropriate brushes.

25557-150.jpg Rouge Bunny Rouge - Blender Brush (016) - 1 pc
Item 25557


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This is the perfect blending brush for combining different eye shadow shades. The special, rounded shape of the brush makes the process of blending fast, while the synthetic bristles make the application more comfortable. You can also use the Blender Brush to blur the lines of your eyeliner or contour pencil for a softer, more natural effect. The long wooden handle makes for easy control.

22622-150.jpg Rouge Bunny Rouge - Trio Eye Pencil Sharpener - 1 pc
Item 22622


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Specially created for use with all the RBR pencils, this little box of tricks allows you to sharpen 3 sizes of pencil; slim, medium and chubby.

Clean and simple, this keeps all the shavings trapped inside until you lift the lid to empty and clean it. It even comes with its own cleaner.

Strawberry Kisses!
With your $55 or more Rouge Bunny Rouge purchase receive a full size Gleaming Lip Gloss in Coy - a warm sheer strawberry with hints of silver & gold. So pretty!

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