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Ramón Monegal comes from a long and distinguished line of the most important perfumers in Barcelona and Spain. He represents the fourth generation of the founders of the house of Myrurgia, which was the official purveyor of the Spanish Royal Family, and the most important international perfumer in Spain.

His training began back in 1972 at Myrurgia, where he submerged himself completely and became intimate with the most essential of scents such as the mythical infusions of amber, tonka bean, musk, castoreum, civet and iris.

After 30 years in his profession, having become a master perfumer and authentic nez, the challenge of Ramón Monegal is now to reach excellence and transfer his knowledge to the fifth generation. Perfume can only rise to the level of art when accompanied by the absolute freedom of the mind and spirit. To be able to use formulas containing necessary ingredients and proportions without being coerced by the costs or other restraining factors is the path to recovering the true and ancient craft —a path that is these days seen as the cutting edge. Ramón Monegal recognized early on this emerging tendency towards more crafted perfumes and in 2009 began to grow his much desired project in all of its characteristics: to offer a fragrance collection of a master perfumer, to claim his own identity like the perfumers of the golden era before mass production, to have his own workshop that specializes in the mixing, maceration, production and control, and to work with absolute artistic freedom.

Monegal seeks to use the most noble and delicate essences that exist in the world, creating fragrances that induce feelings and emotions, fragrances that evoke a timeless Mediterranean passion and whose elaboration restores the natural language of the craft —to excite, entice, surprise, create desire, pleasure and magic.

He deciphers the code of the masters and composes an intimate narrative through his extensive collection of unique compositions. He extends his hand to invite others into the folds of the sensuous pages of elixirs, filters, extracts and perfumes, that together, write the timeless language of olfactory communication.

Ramon Monegal

27642-150.jpg Ramon Monegal - Hand in Hand Eau de Parfum - 50 ml
Item 27642


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Deep and rich. Infusion of tender petals of Bulgarian rose with Indian oud in a sophisticated combination with warm spices and Tonkim musk.

Family: Floral - woody.

27643-150.jpg Ramon Monegal - Fragrance Trio - 3 x 15 ml
Item 27643


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Includes 15 ml each of:
Impossible Iris Eau de Parfum
Cuirelle Eau de Parfum
Kiss My Name Eau de Parfum

27641-150.jpg Ramon Monegal - Lovely Day Eau de Parfum - 50 ml
Item 27641


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Radiant and luminous. A vibrant presence of white rose petals and silky texture rooted in iris and licorice. An unforgettable and captivating romantic spirit.

Sambac Jasmine Absolute, Tea Rose Absolute, Licorice Absolute, Cedar-filtered Iris, Ultrazur and Black Currant.

Family: Floral - aqueous - rose.

25984-150.jpg Ramon Monegal - Ambra di Luna Eau de Parfum - 50 ml
Item 25984


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Provocative and daring. Golden amber with a hint of vanilla, subtle yet intense. The magic of jasmine wrapped in sandalwood dust, capable of bringing one’s most hidden feelings into the moonlight.

Amber, Moroccan Cistus Labdanum, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Castoreum and Mysore Sandalwood.

Family: Oriental - ambery.

25983-150.jpg Ramon Monegal - Mon Patchouly Eau de Parfum - 50 ml
Item 25983


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The unclassifiable essence of the overseas patchouly, the emblem of the flower power movement. Along with the vanilla, nutmeg and amber flavors, it becomes a statement of presence.

Indonesian Patchouli, Oak Moss Absolute, Incense, Bourbon Geranium, Egyptian Jasmine and vegetal Amber.

Family: Chypré - marine.

25396-150.jpg Ramon Monegal - Agar Musk Eau de Parfum - 50 ml
Item 25396


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The magic of the Orient, balanced with musk and the mythical agarwood or oud. A journey to the center of Eden, between seductive oceans of amber and exciting hints of vetiver roots.

Arabian Agarwood (Oud), Cuir Vitessence (leather), Nutmeg, Acte. Vetiveryle, Ambroxane and Musk Cocktail.

Family: Musky - woody.

25400-150.jpg Ramon Monegal - Cuirelle Eau de Parfum - 50 ml
Item 25400


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Strength and texture. Not the essence of leather, but an interpretation of it. Cat-like flexibility and musk sublimated with shades of honey and incense and balanced with green cedar and vetyver grass.

Somali Incense, Indonesian Patchouli, Bourbon Vetiver, Virginian Cedarwood, Cinnamon and Beehive Absolute.

Family: Soft leathery - woody.

25398-150.jpg Ramon Monegal - Entre Naranjos Eau de Parfum - 50 ml
Item 25398


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Fresh southern air, full of vitality and joy. Air imbued with dew from the orange blossom, combined with the freshness of orange peel against a background of orange wood and amber.

Tunisian Orange Flower Absolute, Mandarin Orange, Petitgrain Lemon, Neroli, Amber and Indonesian Patchouli.

Family: Floral - fresh - woody.

25399-150.jpg Ramon Monegal - Impossible Iris Eau de Parfum - 50 ml
Item 25399


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Mysterious and ambiguous, the legendary iris root only gives off the extreme beauty of its perfume on rare occasions. It is blended only with the finest cedar, in the presence of the exotic ylang-ylang flower, with traces of violet and jasmine, fleshing out its full glamor so that it may become the most attractive perfume in the world.

Italian Iris Concrete, Cassie d’Egypte Absolute, Raspberry, Comoran Ylang-Ylang, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute and Virginian Cedarwood.

Family: Soft floral - fruity.

25397-150.jpg Ramon Monegal - Kiss My Name Eau de Parfum - 50 ml
Item 25397


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A troubling presence that blurs reason. Extravagance of the mythical tuberose flower. It trails a soothing veil of jasmine, orange blossom and neroli that leaves an unmistakable trace in one's memory. Its nectar leaves no one indifferent, becoming a unique and personal signature.

Indian Tuberose Absolute, Cedar-filtered Iris, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Tunisian Neroli and Tolu Balsam.

Family: White flowers - fruity - woody.

25395-150.jpg Ramon Monegal - Umbra Eau de Parfum - 50 ml
Item 25395


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Essence of the earth, capturing the bitter scent of vetyver root, under the freshness of musk, the texture of lichen and spruce balsam, that, like a shadow, define its soul and its perfume.

Haitian Vetiver root, Yugoslavian Tree Moss, Madagascar Black Pepper, Bourbon Geranium leaves, Canadian Fir Balsam and Tonka bean.

Family: Fougère - woody - spicy.

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