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Velvety, vernal, sweet, or powdery, a perfume stimulates the imagination and brings up buried memories from the depths of our unconscious mind. It sometimes only takes a simple combination of scents to be transported, far away, in another place, a long gone time.

Quintessence scented products are elaborated like tales that one can enjoy recounting in order to ease the mind. A perfume then becomes a time-off, a haven, a dream…

With fragrances which remind one of Switzerland, adopted country of Quintessence’s creator.
Includes: 1875 (Snowdrop), Aiguille Rouge (Cypress Chili Pepper).

Oriental fragrances, which takes you on a journey through a forgotten Mesopotamian empire.
Includes: Etana (Amber & Fig), Ur-Zababa (Myrrh), Apsu (Mint & Orange Blossom).

Quintessence Paris

23612-150.jpg Quintessence Paris - Ishara - Tuberose Perfumed Candle - 4.95 oz
Item 23612


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Babylonian goddess of healing, Ishara, soothes tired minds. Feminine and relaxing notes of Ylang-Ylang are magnified by those of tuberose and jasmine. A hint of clove stirs the spirit. A floral fragrance with great sensuality.

23461-150.jpg Quintessence Paris - 1875 - Snowdrop Perfumed Candle - 4.95 oz
Item 23461


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In the beginning of spring, Swiss gardens are covered by a carpet of snowdrops. A subtle and invigorating perfume springs from the undergrowth: a floral heart of freesia and viola, over a body of humus and cedar wood.

23462-150.jpg Quintessence Paris - Aiguille Rouge - Cypress Chili Pepper Perfumed Candle - 4.95 oz
Item 23462


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Autumn in Switzerland offers a palette of fragrances. The refreshing scent from the forest evokes the bark and the green aromas of basil and rosemary. Warm notes of chilli pepper, nutmeg and tangerine can be grasped. A blend of jasmine, musk, basil, cypress and rosemary can also be felt.

23463-150.jpg Quintessence Paris - Etana - Amber & Fig Perfumed Candle - 4.95 oz
Item 23463


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According to the “Myth of Etana”, the Sumerian king tried to reach the sky to obtain a plant capable of giving him a son... All of the oriental perfumes are embodied in this savant composition of amberwhere the green notes are associated with woody ones.

23464-150.jpg Quintessence Paris - Ur-Zababa - Myrrh Perfumed Candle - 4.95 oz
Item 23464


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With the help of a goddess, the young Sargon overthrew the powerful king Ur-Zababa, and created his own kingdom. This tumultuous episode has inspired a candle with the mystic scent of myrrh. The cold spices such as cardamom mix with the hot spices of nutmeg, in a dark and woody environment.

23465-150.jpg Quintessence Paris - Apsu - Mint & Orange Blossom Perfumed Candle - 4.95 oz
Item 23465


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God of the rivers, Apsu was praised in all the Akkadian Empire with libations of perfumed water. A floral scent, where the freshness of the orange blossom delicately blends with scents of wood and white flowers.

23466-150.jpg Quintessence Paris - Nerac - Cedar Tree - Wardrobe Scented Tubes - 46 pcs
Item 23466


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A collection of fresh and woody scents, to slip in draws and closets in homage to the favorites of past times. Small tubes can be slid onto the hook of hangers. Lifespan: 4 to 6 months.

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