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L'Artisan Parfumeur - Coeur de Vétiver Sacré Eau de Toilette - 50 ml

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Spices, iris, violet leaves, vétiver.

Cœur de Vétiver Sacré, a rare, magnificent vetiver, a light, woody eau de toilette.

There is something mystical about journeys between East and West. The East has always attracted explorers, wanderers, poets, writers and experts from the West… The East has always created dreams.

L'Artisan Parfumeur is an adventurous traveller, inviting you on a mystical journey from East to West with Cœur de Vétiver Sacré. This noble vetiver is as close as possible to the wood itself, like an offering to the gods, a tribute to the dreams born in the mystery of the Orient.

This precious wood, or more accurately, this root, with its legendary earthy, smoky aromas sometimes only comes through in the bass notes, humbly emerging after the striking freshness of the top notes. It all starts with a citrus influence − orange, bergamot, crystallized fruits, ginger and dates that give a little touch of originality. The ginger with its fresh, spicy tones recalls the scent of grapefruit. It merges with the tarragon, an aromatic with green notes between aniseed and basil. The fresh start of the fragrance then gives way to a heart built around pepper which brings a slightly smooth, spicy touch. The base reveals a softer vetiver, fresh and woody. Vetiver from Haiti, bringing strength and “masculinity” is blended with the virile vetiver (earth, roots and animal accents…) and the vetiver heart which is akin to the soul of the tree with its delicate, sparkling “feminine” side. This mixture explains the complexity of the perfume.

The perfumer, Karine Vinchon, loves this noble material and she wanted to create a different, mysterious vetiver by revealing all its facets: its sparkle, enlivened by black tea with bergamot; its peppery side with touches of saffron, coriander, ginger and pink pepper berries; its hints of dried fruit, date and apricot; its vibrant heart accompanied by roses, iris and osmanthus flowers; its woody soul backed by sandalwood, white cedar and gaiac wood; its trail of balsam wreathed in incense, amber, cistus, tonka beans, vanilla and musks; and its shadowy character, animal and smoky, enhanced by labdanum, castoreum and birch.


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