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18620-300.jpg Tsi-La Organics - Eau de Parfum Misaki - 50 ml


Item 18620

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Made with 100% Renewable energy. Over 96% organic, 100% natural. No harmful phthalates or synthetic ingredients. Made using food grade sugar cane alcohol.

This product is suitable for vegans, contains 100% natural botanical ingredients and is formulated without animal ingredients or animal testing.

Tsi-La's Living Flower Organic Perfume:
• 100% Flower and Plant Based
• Plant Essences And Raw Organic Oils
• Super-Fruit And Phytonutrient Infused
• Ultra-Pure Natural Ingredients
• Vitamins And Mineral
• Zero Synthetic Chemicals
• Preservative and Colorant Free

Contains essential oils believed to be beneficial for promoting relaxation, self confidence and tranquility.

Alcohol denat. 38b*, fragrance (USDA certified organic pure plant essences), distilled aqua, organic lycium Chinese fruit (goji berry) extract, organic diospyros kaki fruit (persimmon) extract, organic aspalathus linearis lef (roobis) extract, organic sambucus nigra fruit (elderberry) extract, organic vaccinium angustifolium fruit (blueberry) extract, organic ficus carica fruit (fig) extract, organic vaccinium myrtillus (bilberry) extract.

*USDA certified organic sugar cane alcohol denatured with pure essential oils; gluten free.

**100% Natural fragrance containing over 95% USDA certified organic and wild-crafted essential oils of French Lavender: beautiful violet blue flowers that have a sweet floral herbaceous scent. Lavender is soothing, tranquil and calms mind, body and spirit. Madagascar Ylang Ylang Ylang: the perfume trees' yellow flowers produce a heavy, sweet, sensual, floral note. Known as the flower of flowers. Can bring on feelings of joy, build self confidence and create a euphoric mood. Italian Lemon, Juniper Berry, Clary Sage, and Sicilian Bergamot: petite yellow colored citrus that produce a fresh sweet fruity note with a hint of spice. Bergamot helps one expand and open their heart, radiate love and promotes balance and happiness..

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