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16887-300.jpg ISUN - Rhassoul Refining Exfoliant - 100 ml


Item 16887

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Wonderful for dry, normal and oily skin, but may be too abrasive for sensitive skin.

Mildly abrasive; Mineralizing; High negative charge; Stimulating; Purifying

• Exfoliates skin’s surface for smoother texture
• Reduces fine line and skin discolorations
• Improves elasticity and firmness
• Balances oil secretions without drying out skin
• Stimulates circulation to replenish skin with oxygen & nutrients
• Deep cleanses pores and surface debris (high negative charge attracts dirt & debris)
• Helps remineralize skin
• Prepares skin to better absorb nutrients & moisture from product applications that follow enhancing their benefits for the best result

Refined skin appearance with softer, more even-toned skin and fewer fine lines, improved skin tone and color with thicker, more firm skin, and cleaner pores.

Refining Skin Polish: Add about 1/3 tsp of water to 1/4-1/3 tsp of powder. Blend to make a wet, slippery paste. Rhassoul quickly absorbs water and when there is not enough water, ‘balls’ will form. If this happens, simply add more water. Using your fingertips, apply the watery paste to damp skin and gently scrub skin in circular movements over your face (or other areas) for at least 1 minute. Give extra attention to areas where there are fine lines or discolorations. Rinse well to remove all crystals.

Exfoliant Mask: Make a paste as indicated above. Blend the paste into any ISUN facial mask, or yogurt or smashed avocado. Apply the mask and leave on for 15 minutes. Remove by adding water and scrubbing skin for at least 1 minute. Rinse well.

Scrub: 1-7 times a week. If skin is especially dried out or flaky, or has a tough texture, or if there are heavy discolorations and skin is not sensitive, the exfoliant can safely be used both morning and night, 7 times a week.
Mask: 1-3 times a week.

Optional Uses:
• Make a paste as indicated and add 1-3 pumps of your choice of ISUN cleansers
• Use as a lip or body exfoliant
• Blend with Phyto-Enzyme Exfoliant or Intense Exfoliant (not for sensitive skin)
• See ‘Exfoliant Mask’ above

*Morrocan Rhassoul Clay; *Siliceous Earth (Ocean floor earth).
*Organic or Wildcrafted

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