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26366-300.jpg Diptyque - Eau de Lavande Eau de Toilette spray - 100 ml


Item 26366

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Although Lavender is a flower, when it is dried by the sun, it has a distinctive aroma which is more somber and woody. Diptyque has therefore blended three different French lavenders. Provencal lavender essence, rarely used as it is so precious, forms the base note, sustained by a few drops of incense and sandalwood, followed by a more floral essence from the Vaucluse, and a more aromatic hybrid lavender from Valansole. Coriander seeds, nutmeg and cinnamon add spice to the composition, a vibrant incarnation of sublime nature. The fragrance is warm and subtle, alive and delicate.

Lavender. To evoke this flower, Diptyque decided to approach it like a character in a novel, given how widespread it is in Provencal literature, where it is deliberately given emphasis. Jean Giono saw it as “the soul of Provence”, while other Provencal writers such as Frédéric Mistral, Marcel Pagnol and Alphonse Daudet became its emissaries... It is a beautiful balance of light and shade, its unique blue giving its name to a color. Lavender. The history of lavender goes back to ancient times, to the verses of Virgil’s Bucolics. In the Middle Ages, its therapeutic qualities were recognized, and it was given a name derived from Latin which means “to wash”, symbolizing its protective qualities. Cultivated in Mediterranean regions, in the 19th century it became a sought-after perfume adored by Queen Victoria. “... The harsh garrigue embalmed by lavender”, in the words of André Gide. It has a complex, generous nature. Wise and friendly, it evokes intimate memories: the scent of blue fields warmed by the sun, the soothing fragrance of cupboards filled with white linen. This elegant flower captures the essence of an English gentleman.

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