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25758-300.jpg Lostmarch - Eau de Parfum Coffret No. 1 - Jasmin & Mimosa - 3 pcs


Item 25758

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Jasmine from Tamil Nadu
Jasmine is one of the most highly-prized flowers in perfumery. Many varieties (200) have been identified, of varying qualities and fragrances. For this eau de parfum, Lostmarch has specifically selected Jasmine from the Tamil Nadu region of Southern India, which flowers from April to October and is used on a daily basis locally for fragranced necklaces and garlands. The quality of the Tamil Nadu land, along with the expertise of the growers, ensures that we obtain a harmonious jasmine.

Mimosa from Khemisset
Mimosa is a shrub from the traditionally Mediterranean Acacia family, which was probably introduced into Europe from Australia by Captain Cook in the late 1700s. Traces of a mimosa-based hallucinogenic drink have also been found in South American tribes. Its yellow flower heads blossom from early December on.
From the 400 varieties available, Lostmarch has selected the mimosa from Khemisset, a region located in North-eastern Morocco. This land guarantees a wonderfully powdery, honeyed mimosa.

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