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24024-300.jpg Nuxe - Nuxellence® - Youth and Radiance Revealing Anti-Aging Care - 50 ml


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In the heart of the cells, mitochondria supply the cells with the energy to function properly. More vulnerable than cellular DNA, mitochondrial DNA weakens over time causing the cells to decharge themself day after day.

After years of research, NUXE has launched Nuxellence®, a major anti-aging innovation that not only PROTECT but also REPAIRS mitochondrial DNA(1) to reveal the skin’s youth and radiance.

It has a fondant and “second-skin” texture infused with subtle, feminine floral notes leaves the skin infinitely soft and velvety.

Skin is instantly smoother and more glowing (2):
- Skin is smoother: 93%
- Skin is more beautiful: 73%
- Complexion is more radiant: 67%

After 4 weeks, the skin appears visibly rejuvenated(3):
- Wrinkles and fine lines are diminished: 90%
- Skin is replumped: 93%
- Youthful radiance is restored to the skin: 79%
- Complexion is more radiant and more even: 86%

(1) In vitro test on ingredients: repair of altered mitochondrial DNA in the epidermis. Registered patent.
(2) Use test conducted under dermatological supervision on 29 volunteers over 28 days - % of volunteers who agreed with the claim - Immediately.
(3) Use test conducted under dermatological supervision on 29 volunteers over 28 days - % of volunteers who agreed with the claim - After 28 days.

Use Nuxellence® every day, in the morning and/or evening. Pump 2 or 3 times to cover the entire face and neck. Gently warm the product and apply to the face from the center and moving out and upwards. Its light texture is quickly absorbed, so you can apply your additional skincare product straight afterwards. May be used alone on normal to combination skin.

After applying Nuxellence®, use your regular skincare product depending on your needs like an anti-aging treatment depending on your age: Nirvanesque®, Merveillance®, Aroma-Vaillance®or Nuxuriance®.

For normal to combination skin, Nuxellence® Jeunesse may be used alone. If you are already using a serum, apply Nuxellence® either before your serum, or alternately: use Nuxellence® in the morning before your cream, and use your serum in the evening before your cream.

Active Ingredients:
Mitochondrial DNA is repaired and protected* (Passion flower, Anchusa, Poppy Petals) - 3 PATENTS
Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished and smoothed (Calendula Petals, Araucaria Seeds, natural origin Hyaluronic Acid and Galanga Leaves).
Complexion is even (Cocoa Cells and Olive Leaves).
Microcirculation is activated (Maca Root).

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