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23538-300.jpg Jardins d'Ecrivains - Travel Candles - Part 1 - 4 x 2.11 oz


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Brontë Sisters Candle
In honor of:
The Brontë Sisters: Charlotte (1816 - 1855), Emily (1818 - 1848), Anne (1820 - 1849)
The Brontës were from an English literary family, famous thanks to the three sisters who were poets and novelists. They lived together with their father in the parsonage in Haworth, Yorkshire where "Jane Eyre" and "Wuthering Heights" were written.

The scent of the numerous varieties growing on Celtic and Gallic moorland.
Before being used by the most prestigious perfumers, heather covered the moors and was used by the poor to thatch roofs and fill mattresses. Its perfume, rich in nectar, is redolent of vast open spaces.

The word "perfume" derives from the Latin "per fumus" meaning "through smoke", probably because of its traditional, ancient use as incense.
Incense, also known as olibanum or frankincense, is an aromatic gum resin from Oman. In ancient times, it was considered more precious than gold.

Colette Candle
In honor of:
Sidonie-Gabielle Colette: (1873-1954)
Famous novelist, Colette moved to Saint Tropez in 1925. She would say "I know Saint Tropez. He still exists. He will always exist for those who rise at dawn."

A warm fragrance evocative of summertime, crickets, and holidays. It is the emblem of the Mediterranean, where this oldest of domesticated fruits has been grown for thousands of years.

Medieval poet Béroul wrote of pine in the garden where Tristan and Isolde went to meet, where the King hid to spy on the illicit lovers. Its resinous fragrance is Mediterranean in spirit, providing the shade for Colette's "trellis of Muscat grapes."

Jasmine, along with rose, is one of the leading flowers of the perfume industry. For centuries, in the East, jasmine has been a symbol of beauty and feminine temptation. Cleopatra and Mark Antony met on a boat whose sails were coated in jasmine essence.

Blixen Candle
In honor of:
Karen Von Blixen-Finecke: (1885-1962)
Danish writer, renowned for writing "Out of Africa", which was famously adapted to the big screen.

In the 10th century, an Arabic author named amber as one of North Africa’s most important products. It is said that Louis XV used amber to season his favorite dishes, and Queen Elizabeth I used it as a fragrance for her gloves. Its complex scent is a combination of earth, camphor, incense and tobacco, with hints of musk.

The scent of musk is said to be an aphrodisiac. This animal ingredient has a sensuous, woody fragrance and «sings the transports of the senses and the soul,» as Charles Baudelaire wrote. Once worn mostly by men, musk leaves a virile trace and is now used widely in luxury candles.

This majestic tree with a fragrant wood comes from the Middle East. The Egyptians used its essence to embalm the mummies. Cedar gives off a characteristic newspaper scent with soft, woody notes.

Sand Candle
In honor of:
George Sand: (1804 – 1876)
A woman known for her scandalous love life. Nohant, peaceful haven and a magnet for society life, where Liszt, Balzac, Flaubert, Delacroix and Victor Hugo would all be seen.

A charming little flower used in the past as a cure for melancholy... Violet is a symbol for secret love. In high fashion during the Second French Empire, its fragrance is evocative of suave, captivating scents.

It was named 1866 by the botanist Ecklon after the German Dr. Freese. Its heady fragrance is similar to that of jasmine.

Rose fragrances are full of secrets. No other flower has been lauded as much for its fragrance, and this since ancient times. It has been cultivated for more than 5000 years. This highly literary flower has been present in every epoch. From the Roman de la Rose in the Middle Ages, to the poems Pierre de Ronsard in the 15th century, to Corneille, Goethe, Perrault, and Hugo; all these writers evoked the flower's poetry.


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