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22502-300.jpg Chidoriya - Original Face Powder with Kudzu - 10 g


Item 22502

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• We have discovered that it works extremely well on skin, giving a natural glow & absorbs excess sebum. Also combined with "Kinuunmo" Clay mineral which makes it smooth to the touch on the skin.

• The combination of both these ingredients enhances the skins sheen without preventing it from breathing and helps to maintain moisture. It is suitable for all skin types including oily skin and/or acne-prone skin and also people with sensitive skin who don't want to use liquid foundation. ◉ It creates natural coverage and a subtle makeup look. It will protect the skin and create even better coverage if you apply more layers. "If" you don't have sensitive skin a liquid foundation can be used in conjunction with this product. Of course we recommend using only an all natural or organic "liquid foundation".

Pearl and Coral Powders which help absorb excess sebum and tone then finally added Original Pure Camellia Oil to moisturize & nourish the skin.

• "Kinuunmo" is a very fine, smooth powder and has pearly sheen to it. It has fine crystals that are impossible to see that with the naked eye. It is extremely rare to find this high quality pure clay mineral anywhere else in the world except Japan. We use only the highest quality clay mineral without any other accessory minerals (Metallic sodium) in it. ◉ By mixing with this "Kinunmo" and Kudzu, we have obtained the smoothest, brightest and highest appearance of translucence.

What's Morino Yoshinokuzu Honpo's Kudzu?

• Kudzu roots (which is a 100% natural food product) contain starch which is refined repeatedly with only purest ground water in the coldest season of Nara Ouda, then let them dry. This fine-textured Kudzu Powder has an incredibly smooth texture if eaten. That is why Kudzu is a suitable ingredient for a face powder; it provides the finest finish & texture unlike corn starch. Kudzu has natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

• Winter in Nara Ouda is severely cold and is the perfect time for manufacturing Kudzu. The region also is gifted with purest and most beautiful ground water. They are able to suppress propagation of microorganisms during the manufacturing process (called Yoshino zarashi) and this makes the highest quality Kudzu (called Yoshino Hon Kudzu).

"Kinuunmo" Clay Mineral (Mica), Kudzu Powder, Pearl Powder, Camellia Oil, Coral Powder, "TENNYOKOH" Oil


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