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22446-300.jpg Suti - Rose Water Organic Facial Spritz - 100 ml


Item 22446

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The principles of Moon Essences take into account the powerful influences of lunar gravity on botanicals. In much the same way that common flower based ‘rescue remedies’ are prepared under the sun to harness these natural earthly energies within the elixir, Suti’s Rose Water Facial Toner with Rose Moon Essence harnesses the more feminine energies of the moon to create a toner that heals and protects the body and mind. Suti's perception of the Rose Moon Essence is that it is perfect for the heart as it encourages joy and happiness, relieves sadness and grief and opens the heart to receive love.

A simple spritz provides instant hydration and refreshment. Suti’s Rose Water Facial Toner is made from luscious certified organic roses and is deemed a comforting tonic for dry, sensitive and mature skin. It is traditionally good at calming redness and soothing inflammation, and is also believed to spiritually uplift and promote emotional well being.

Spritz over face and neck and gently press into skin, alternatively spritz onto cotton pad and apply following cleansing in the evening or anytime your skin needs rehydrating.

A sediment may appear after a certain length of time. It is not a sign of staleness and will not affect the properties of the water and the safety of its use. It can be removed by simply running the Water through a sieve.

Rosa Damascena Flower Water*.

* Certified Organic

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