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Tracie Martyn - Resculpting Body Serum - 60 ml


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Instant and long-term results.

• Slimming, Lifting Contouring: A complex of ingredients including natural aminoacids, a special seaweed extract and enzymes transforms our own body fat into pure energy and speeds up the metabolism. Studies show clients have lost a pant size.

• Wrinkle defying and tightening: Preventing collagen damage from glycation Great for the neck area.

• Hydrating and softening: Utilizing Beyond Hyaluronic™ technology, leaves skin smooth and silky.

• Smoothing the appearance of dimpled skin and stretch marks: Featuring a proven stress-enzyme(MMP) inhibiting pumpkin extract.

• Toning and energizing, increasing elasticity: A complex of energizing ingredients supply cellular energy for collagen and elastin production.

• Brightening and evening out the skin: Natural silica instantly diffuses the light and corrects the appearance of skin imperfections.

• Enhancing sun protection through antioxidant action: Anti-oxidants are not a replacement for a sunblock. However, they work to protect skin cells on a cellular level from dangerous free radicals, including the ones formed during exposure to sun. In this way they are a second level of protection.

Massage Resculpting Body Serum® onto hips, thighs, legs, arms, legs, torso and any area that needs lifting, and hydrating. Use morning and evening for an immediate firming effect.

• Electriol® - Charging up the skin and defying gravity: With a proprietary cocktail of slimming, cellulite-reducing, firming, lifting and energizing enzymes. The technology is based on the master enzyme Coenzyme A, the most active metabolic enzyme in the human body, to increase Adenosine Triphosphate, the Energy Molecule essential for every cell including for collagen and elastin production. A Special Seaweed Extract increases lypolysis, the natural breakdown of fat.

• Glucoguard® - Guarding collagen from the dark side of white sugar: With a complex of ingredients including the natural peptide L-Carnosine, effective at protecting skin proteins like collagen and elastin from glycating sugars, that are responsible for detrimental cross-linking and free radical production.

• Beyond Hyaluronic™ - Hyaluronic-like Silver Tremella Extract: a super-hydrator, allegedly the skin care secret of Imperial Concubine Yang, considered to be the most beautiful woman in Chinese History.

Resculpting Body Serum® is unique:
All product ingredients are natural and strictly purified for maximum efficacy without irritation. No propylene glycol, polyacrylamide, ethoxylated materials, parabens or anything that does not belong IN and therefore ON the body.


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