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The PHYTOSOLBA Laboratories team in Bezons, France refers to their scientific and botanical expertise in plant molecule research, extraction methods, and biotechnology to find the most natural and effective ingredients to meet the demands of common hair concerns such as hair thinning, dandruff, and irritated scalps.

With numerous patents and over 40 years of research, PHYTO Treatment products are subject to clinical tests conducted by independent laboratories, sure to deliver high-performance, safe, and long-lasting results.

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PHYTO Treatments

26041-150.jpg PHYTO - Phytostim - 1.7 oz
Item 26041


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** Due to FAA restrictions, this item is not available for Expedited or International Shipping.

Fortifying spray for thinning hair or hair loss.
Protect against thinning hair all year long with this prevention and maintenance treatment!

24722-150.jpg PHYTO - Phytocyane Revitalizing Serum - 12 x 0.25 oz
Item 24722


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For Thinning Hair - Women, Stress, Fatigue, Diet, Pregnancy.
A revitalizing serum that promotes healthy hair growth while providing anti-aging benefits.

24724-150.jpg PHYTO - Phytolium 4 - 12 x 0.118 oz
Item 24724


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For Thinning Hair - Chronic and Severe.
Chronic thinning hair treatment for severe hair thinning. Four patents, 4 actions, the first anti-hair thinning treatment formulated with plant stem cells.

24725-150.jpg PHYTO - Phytophanere - 120 caplets
Item 24725


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Dietary supplement.
Dietary supplement for the hair & nails of women with thinning hair. Fortifying capsules to maintain strong, healthy hair and nails. Your hair and nails will thank you.

24718-150.jpg PHYTO - Phytopolleine - 0.8 oz
Item 24718


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For All Hair Types.
Botanical scalp treatment for all hair types. A 100% botanical must-have treatment that purifies, regulates, and stimulates the scalp to restore beautiful, healthy hair!

28919-150.jpg PHYTO - Phytolium Thinning Hair Set - 14 pcs
Item 28919


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** Due to FAA restrictions, this item is not available for Expedited or International Shipping including Hawaii and Alaska.

For Thinning Hair, Chronic & Severe .
A $143 Value!
For men experiencing or looking to prevent hair thinning due to genetic factors. A patented biotechnological complex that helps delay hair thinning by protecting the hair's follicle and prolonging its life cycle. Essential oils and glycoproteins create a natural defense against DHT, the hormone responsible for hair thinning. The scalp is energized to support healthy new hair growth. This 1-month program encourages naturally thicker and stronger hair that is visibly more dense!

Phytolium Shampoo - 4.22 oz
Phytolium 4 Treatment - 12 x 0.118 oz
Phytostim - 1.7 oz

28920-150.jpg PHYTO - Phytocyane Thinning Hair Set - 14 pcs
Item 28920


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For Fine, Thinning Hair.
A $119 Value!
For women experiencing fine, thinning or brittle hair due to seasonal changes, hormonal imbalance, stress, fatigue or medication. This trio stimulates and feeds the scalp to help jumpstart healthy new hair growth and boost keratin production, Its anti-aging properties address visible signs of aging hair, such as graying and dullness. his 1-month program will give fuller, thicker and shinier hair!

Phytocyane Shampoo - 6.7 oz
Photocyane Treatment - 12 x 0.25 oz
Phytophanere - 60 caplets

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