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Persephenie is a Los Angeles based Certified Aromatherapist and Perfumer.

A born artist and painter, Persephenie opened her studio as a place to create art. As she continued to practice the craft of perfumery, her space evolved into a masterful orchestration of raw materials, hand-made personal care products, and collectible aromatic treasures.

Persephenie formulates and produces her entire line of body and face care, perfumes, therapeutics, and fragrant candies. Persephenie’s laboratory is like her kitchen, and she prides herself in not using heavy preservatives, using fresh materials, carefully selected, and carefully stored. Perfumes need to meld and marry to speak their full potential and Persephenie’s perfumes are aged like precious wine. The candies are crafted in tiny batches and are hand cut on a large marble slab just like the old candy makers used. The Smelling Salts were inspired by vintage smelling salts and old French pomanders but without the ammonia and full of healthy benefits.

Persephenie and her team work from her studio in Los Angeles. She likes to think of it as an aromatic apothecary with attributes of the old world, a place to satiate olfactory wanderlust, and where sundries and therapeutics are meticulously crafted to offer to you.


28729-150.jpg Persephenie - Linden Blossom Dry Body Oil - 50 ml
Item 28729


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An exceptionally light, well absorbing body and hair oil that will leave your skin soft, and your hair smooth and healthy. The Linden Blossom Dry Body Oil contains jojoba oil (for its healing replenishing properties), Orchid Flower Extract (an anti-aging antioxidant ingredient known for regenerating skin cells), and a fresh creamy chord of linden, reminiscent of linden blossom nectar in the tropics.

28730-150.jpg Persephenie - Cone Incense - Sandalwood - 14 pcs
Item 28730


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Hand-shaped cream cones. Powdery soft white Australian sandalwood on the outside coupled with dark Mysore sandalwood and spices on the inside.

28731-150.jpg Persephenie - Cone Incense - Santos - 14 pcs
Item 28731


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Hand-shaped yellow cones. This resinous woody incense is made from the revered South American holy wood palo santo, its resin, and additional herbs.

28732-150.jpg Persephenie - Cone Incense - Willow - 14 pcs
Item 28732


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Hand-shaped green cones. A coniferous herbaceous incense with American cedar at its crowning. Made in Persephenie’s studio from a botanical putty of herbs and conifers.

28332-150.jpg Persephenie - Salty Jasmine Candies - 1 oz
Item 28332


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Induces Passion with an all-natural blend of Organic cane sugar, Organic rose water, dawn blooming jasmine and vanilla!

25419-150.jpg Persephenie - Rose & Frankincense Heart Opening Candies - 1 oz
Item 25419


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Transport oneself to Arabian markets and caravans, where the delicious and exotic combination of rose and frankincense meet in a sweet pastille candy. Rose and frankincense are known to relieve stress, center the mind, and open the heart.

26535-150.jpg Persephenie - Bedouin Dry Oil - 50 ml
Item 26535


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A tale of olfactory wanderlust, distinctly feminine, illuminated by color, movement, and adventure under a veil of roses. An ultra light body oil for the body and hair. A pedestal of roses highlighted by soft notes of cardamom, musk seed, and sandalwood. Contains orchid flower, rich in minerals for hair and body.

25420-150.jpg Persephenie - Saffron Rose Face Oil - 1 oz
Item 25420


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A daily replenishing face serum, made with seven outstanding carrier oils, and eleven botanical essential oils and extracts. A synergistic combination of rose, sandalwood, saffron, and carrot seed oil that not only smells beautiful, but works at softening, strengthening, and protecting delicate and exposed facial skin.

23918-150.jpg Persephenie - Le'a Kiss Organic Lip Balm - 15 g
Item 23918


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A heavenly ambrosial lip balm, containing regenerating extracts of calendula, carrot seed oil, and jasmine. Use liberally for soft, supple, kissable lips. Completely Natural. 98.85% Organic.

23108-150.jpg Persephenie - Island Violet Euphoric Rejuvenating Cream - 3.4 oz
Item 23108


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An abundant moisturizing butter. Creamy, light, and beautifully scented with a combination of plant essences. The Island Violet contains organic shea, a butter abundant in vitamins and minerals that balances and hydrates while providing skin collagen, and organic coconut oil, a penetrating oil high in fatty acids, beneficial for maintaining moisture and suppleness. Completely botanical.

21130-150.jpg Persephenie - Rose Paka Healing Restorative Facial Butter - 3.4 oz
Item 21130


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An incredibly rich regenerative butter formulated specifically to balance, soothe, buffer, and heal depleted skin. Botanical extracts of rose, helichrysum, pomegranate, and calendula, all known for their beneficial properties, work synergistically to restore and renew. A wonderful replenisher against the affects of the sun, aging, and wind. Rose Paka's Organic marula oil is hand pressed from a woman's collective in South Africa.

19643-150.jpg Persephenie - Jade Camellia Organic Body Balm - 50 g
Item 19643


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Soften, strengthen, and protect your skin with Jade Camellia Organic Body Balm, a rich therapeutic Organic balm containing Camellia oil, a deep penetrating oil, high in Oleic acid, known for enhancing and retaining skin moisture, and Pomegranate Seed Extract, a skin stimulator, used to promote cell regeneration and instigate self repair.

19639-150.jpg Persephenie - Neroli Infusion Organic Body Oil - 50 ml
Item 19639


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Made with Marula oil which is hand pressed by a woman’s collective and is from a sustainable resource in S. Africa. Rich in antioxidants and oleic acid, essential components for maintaining healthy vibrant skin.

19642-150.jpg Persephenie - Nanu Lei Butter Body Cream - 100 ml
Item 19642


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Completely botanical. 78% Organic.

A wonderfully abundant body lotion, rich in therapeutic moisturizing butter, containing Certified Organic Pomegranate extract, known for its restorative skin repairing, healing and soothing properties.

19640-150.jpg Persephenie - Nanu Lei Fizzy Mineral Bath Powder - 340 g
Item 19640


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Surrender yourself in a relaxing Nanu (Hawaiian Gardenia) getaway. Nanu Lei Bath contains Certified Organic cocoa butter, a natural antioxidant that smoothes and revitalizes the skin, mineral rich sea salt, known to detoxify and replenish, and coconut oil, a nourishing oil, high in essential fatty acids that protect the skin from free radicals.

23916-150.jpg Persephenie - Smelling Salts - Calm Balance - 1 oz
Item 23916


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Relax and unwind with deep inhalations. Great for flying, relieving tension, peace of mind, and mental equilibrium. Not meant for the body, bath, or face.

23917-150.jpg Persephenie - Smelling Salts - Mental Clarity - 1 oz
Item 23917


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Wake up and revive with just a couple of whiffs. A great aid for waking-up, studying, clearing the respiratory, or an afternoon second wind. Not meant for the body, bath, or face.

25808-150.jpg Persephenie - Blue Lotus Vetiver Attar - 4 ml
Item 25808


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The blue lotus flower is considered sacred, representing clarity, devotion, and prosperity. The Blue Lotus Vetiver Attar is the exquisitely scented blue lotus flower hydro-distilled into vetiver essential oil.

25810-150.jpg Persephenie - Kewda Vetiver Attar - 4 ml
Item 25810


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The kewda flower is a large exotic blossom, delivering bright hypnotic notes of hyacinth and honey. For the Kewda Vetiver Attar, the enchanting kewda flower is hydro-distilled into vetiver essential oil. Heavenly.

25812-150.jpg Persephenie - Tuberose Vetiver Attar - 4 ml
Item 25812


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The tuberose flower is picked immediately before the buds open. It's powerful fragrant flowers continue to exhale their mesmerizing scent long after they have been plucked. With a history of use in rituals from wedding's to South Pacific Lei's, the rich narcotic tuberose flowers are hydro-distilled into vetiver essential oil for the Tuberose Vetiver Attar.

21131-150.jpg Persephenie - Bedouin - Perfume - 6 ml
Item 21131


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Botanical Perfume. A tale of Persian nomadic women, distinctly feminine, illuminated by color, movement, and the scent of rose.

Head: Soft notes of Cardamon and Orange
Heart: Rose bouquet
Base: Sandalwood, Madagascar Vanilla, and Ambrette

21132-150.jpg Persephenie - Datura - Perfume - 6 ml
Item 21132


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Hybrid Perfume. Experience the magic of the night blooming trumpet. Datura captures her euphoric beauty with tender notes of Egyptian jasmine and lily, cradled in caramel and musk.

Head: Gentle Spices
Heart: Datura, Rose Absolute, Lily, Dawn Blooming Jasmine
Base: South Pacific Sandalwood, Caramel, Musk

21133-150.jpg Persephenie - Kildren - Perfume - 10 ml
Item 21133


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Hybrid Perfume. Innocent and fresh with edgy depth. A charming gourmand ginger amber.

Head: Fresh Ginger, Citrus, Linden Blossom
Heart: Mimosa
Base: Amber, Coconut Absolute, Orris Root

21134-150.jpg Persephenie - Ambertobac - Perfume - 6 ml
Item 21134


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Hybrid Perfume. A sultry adventurous scent that captures nostalgia in tobacco, wood, and spices.

Head: Sweet Basil, Clove, Wine
Heart: Tuberose and Juhi
Base: Tobacco, Leather, Wood

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