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Paul & Joe Skincare

29945-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Hydrating Gel - 20 ml
Item 29945


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Refresh and rejuvenate skin with the new Hydrating Gel from Paul & Joe Beauté. Formulated with a rich amount of ceramides and phospholipids, this serum is absorbed quickly and eliminates dullness for skin that appears firm, youthful and dewy. The extremely moisturizing formula masks fine lines while the ultra-fine powder makes pores less noticeable to restore skin to a fresh, invigorated condition.

29946-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Lip Treatment Balm (01) - 11 g
Item 29946


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Clean, not-too-sweet scent of natural fragrances spearmint and sweet almond.

The new Lip Treatment Balm leaves lips moist and smooth. This two-in-one acts a lip primer creating a foundation for beautiful lips while caring for lips with the treatment effect of olive oil.

29939-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Limited Edition - Lip Treatment Balm (001) - 11 g
Item 29939


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Warming scent of ginger and honey.

This new Lip Treatment Balm with spicy ginger and sweet, warm honey leaves lips moist and smooth. This two-in-one acts a lip primer creating a foundation for beautiful lips while caring for lips with the treatment effect of olive oil.

25336-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Treatment Serum Mask - 40 ml
Item 25336


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Reveal brighter, more luminous skin with Paul & Joe's Treatment Serum Mask. This deep and decadent treatment repairs skin overnight so that you can rise with a dewy, clear and radiant complexion.

22394-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Brightening Lotion - 200 ml
Item 22394


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A fresh addition to Paul & Joe’s collection of beauty and skin care, the new Brightening Lotion is a beautiful way to revitalize your look for the bright, spring season. Formulated with the herbal essence of Saxifrage extract, a unique flowering plant found in the shady swamps of Japan known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, Arnica extract to promote circulation in the skin, and Vitamin C to brighten and clarify skin tone and texture, this multi-tasking moisturizer is a must-have for a flawless complexion.

22395-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Brightening Serum - 40 ml
Item 22395


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Silky smooth and ultra-light, Paul & Joe’s Brightening Serum is the ultimate beauty boost for bright, glowing and healthy skin this spring. This gentle serum is formulated with fast-absorbing water-based ingredients like essential Vitamin C and Organic Edelweiss extract for a radiant, even-toned complexion. Arnica extract is added to improve blood circulation and for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Perfect for application under your makeup or for use as a bedtime treatment, this multi-duty serum will give you the luminous skin you’ve always wanted – just in time for spring!

19031-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Cleansing Milk N - 250 ml
Item 19031


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Gently removes makeup with a delectable, velvety texture. Leaves skin feeling soft and silky smooth. The base includes shea butter, which contains fatty ingredients that the skin needs. It melts upon sensing the body heat and glides smoothly and effortlessly across the skin. It softens the skin and lifts out makeup and dead skin while maintaining skin's moisture.

18511-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Creamy Facial Foam - 110 ml
Item 18511


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Thanks to “bubble-keep polymers” that form a film on the bubbles’ surface, Paul & Joe’s Creamy Facial Foam creates long-lasting, whipped cream-like lather that stays firm and fine just like when you first lather it up. This creamy-feeling, springy lather lasts and lasts without breaking down, encapsulating impurities along the way. Organic jojoba oil and other emollient and hydrating ingredients give skin a moist, dewy feeling, so that after washing, skin feels velvety smooth.

17842-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Eye and Lip Make Up Remover - 100 ml
Item 17842


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Thoroughly removes make up from the eyes and lips while gently nourishing skin with its creamy texture.

17843-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Eye Make-Up Remover WP - 100 ml
Item 17843


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An eye make up remover that smoothly and thoroughly removes even layered on or waterproof mascara. Consisting of two layers, one of essential oils and one of water-based ingredients, this remover thoroughly cleans off eye makeup and impurities. Protects delicate lashes while removing makeup and leaving the skin clean and fresh.

18599-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Facial Gommage - 77 ml
Item 18599


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For exquisitely smooth skin with a polished finish; Gently removes roughness, making the skin clear. Two different scrub types (cellulose scrubs & pore cleaning scrubs) exfoliate the skin and cleanse pores thoroughly. Its mild and creamy texture is gentle on delicate skin. Gently massaging this gommage into the skin draws radiance from within. An enhanced hydration effect helps the skin to replenish moisture.

18597-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Moisture Lotion N - 200 ml
Item 18597


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This gel-like lotion with its thick, creamy texture works inside leaving the skin plump and radiant. Leaves the skin moisturized, hydrated, supple and dreamily soft.

18566-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Refreshing Skin Toner - 200 ml
Item 18566


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For silky-smooth, transparent and bright skin. Moisturizes the skin and gently removes dead skin cells.

19028-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Moisturizing Mist - 60 g
Item 19028


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** Due to FAA restrictions, this item is not available for Expedited or International Shipping.

Now you can easily replenish moisture anytime. Let this light, gentle mist and scent envelop and caress your skin. This dew like mist is composed of fine particles, so it assimilates well with the skin, allowing moisture to penetrate quickly. With just one pump, your entire face is enveloped lightly in a fine, refreshing mist. Can be used on top of makeup, so whenever you feel daytime dryness set in, you can replenish moisture in an instant. Also contains silk extract, which leaves skin moist and smooth.

20160-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Treatment Serum - 40 ml
Item 20160


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Paul & Joe’s Treatment Serum delivers a beautiful glow. This lightweight serum provides a super dose of moisture which translates into resilient, well-toned and vibrant skin. Expertly formulated with natural oils and extracts, Treatment Serum incorporates orange oil, organic olive oil, organic rosemary and honey, for balanced hydration and antioxidant effects that allow skin to recover from summer and prepare for winter.

18508-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Moisture Cream - 32 ml
Item 18508


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This highly moisturizing cream seeps in feeling satiny smooth, plumping skin from the inside and imparting a firm feeling to the skin.

21838-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Facial Treatment Oil - 40 ml
Item 21838


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Paul & Joe's Treatment Oil contains 8 types of plant oils. This treatment relaxes and purifies both body & mind, making tired skin radiant and soft. It can also be relieve stiffness in the skin and help to create a more slender face line. This new treatment oil softly relaxes your skin, leaving it glowing and refreshingly moisturized.

18598-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Moisturizing Facial Mask - 79 ml
Item 18598


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Just one application gives an instant charge of moisture. A mask of super-condensed lotion that helps the skin to moisturize itself. With refreshing orange flower water and the mood-lifting effects of orange oil, your skin has never looked or felt better.

19030-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Moisture Lip Treatment - 3.2 g
Item 19030


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Protect and pamper your pretty pucker while adding a light gloss-like sheen. Sliding smoothly onto lips, Moisture Lip Treatment nourishes the driest of dry smiles. Formulated with organic botanical extracts, this portable, pocket-sized treatment leaves lips in tip-top shape all year round!

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