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These unique retro style pouches add fun and flare to your collection. Designed from patterns found in the Paul & Joe fashion line.

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Paul & Joe Cosmetic Pouches

28764-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Cosmetic Pouch IV - Frolicking Horses Print - 1 pc
Item 28764


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Indulge your sense of adventure and wonder with Paul & Joe Beauté’s new Cosmetic Pouch IV.
Slightly smaller than the popular Cosmetic Pouch II, this new pouch is vanity-shaped and the perfect size for all of your on-the-go essentials. With practical pockets lining the inside, a holder for two brushes and a playful print featuring frolicking horses, this petite pouch is as functional as it is fanciful.

18205-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Cosmetic Pouch II - Yellow Cat Print - 1 pc
Item 18205


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This pouch has a playful kitty motif - a Paul & Joe fashion line original and signature favorite of designer Sophie Albou. This roomier vanity model, the Cosmetic Pouch II has even more storage space for your precious beauty belongings with slim compartments for brushes and pencils and transparent pockets to avoid unnecessary digging. Small side pockets allow for easy accessibility for all of your Paul & Joe goodies. This frisky little pouch makes the purr-fect gift for any gal!

19096-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Cosmetic Pouch III - Blue & Black Paisley Print - 1 pc
Item 19096


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The famed Paul & Joe “Pouch of the Year” released each season is ever more portable and adorable this year! Adorned in a pretty paisley print inspired from the original Paul & Joe design collection, this cosmetic carrying case unites fashion with function in one compact carry-all. The Cosmetic Pouch III has even more storage space for your precious beauty belongings with both large and small side pockets for easy organization of your favorite Paul & Joe makeup. The accompanying brush case allows for convenient carrying of brushes and pencils to make refreshing your look seamless and digging through your makeup bag history. A personal favorite of Paul & Joe creator Sophie Albou, Cosmetic Pouch III is a must-have makeup pouch for stylish women on-the-go!

25857-150.jpg Paul & Joe - My Secret Garden Tote - 1 pc
Item 25857

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This Spring 2014 Tote features the topiary tones: the delicate blush of buds & blossoms and the rich hues of a floral bouquet.

30911-150.jpg Paul & Joe - Limited Edition Make-Up Collection A - 5 pc
Item 30911


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The cat is out of the bag, Paul & Joe is celebrating its 20th Anniversary with an adorable cat-themed collection including four of the brand’s most beloved, stand out beauty items from over the years. The chic tote featuring the Paul & Joe 20th Anniversary Exclusive Print even folds into an adorable feline friend once all of the goodies are taken out for use.

Shoulder Bag
Pressed Powder Duo A
Face Color Powder Duo A (039)
Lip Stick A
Small Pouch

Paul & Joe Pouch!
Come Sail Away with this adorable Yacht's your Free Gift with your $60 or more Paul & Joe purchase!

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