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Experience radiant skin and the happy mood of summer vacations.....all-year long.

• 100% natural ingredients from pristine Caribbean islands.
• 100% highly-efficient French cosmetic know-how.
• 100% pleasure with amazing perfumes & textures.

The most wonderful ingredients “made by Nature” in The Bahamas with the know-how of high-end French skincare.

After extensive laboratory testing of numerous plants used in bush medicine, funded by grants from the French government, 2 native ingredients have been selected:

Bahamian Seagrape has been proven to:
• have a 35% higher anti-oxidant power than the well-known number 1, the Goji Berry

• 7 times more powerful than traditional grapes
Bahamian Royal Poinciana has been proven to provide the most extraordinary soothing & regenerating properties, perfect for sensitive or sun-drenched skin.

Combined with Mango and Papaya, your skin is intensively hydrated.

Their fruits and leafs are hand-collected and processed in The Bahamas under strict European regulation before being shipped to a leading European organic skincare laboratory for processing.

All Paris-Bahamas skincare products have been developed in collaboration with the Océalys laboratory. For over 15 years, its dedication to genuine natural product research and environmental respect has led this laboratory to work together with cutting-edge laboratories and universities.

The results are skincare products that combine natural ingredients in a unique way with respect to European and US organic norms and wonderfully melting textures and refreshing perfumes.

All skincare formulas have been developed respecting strict European organic skincare regulation.

No Parabens — No Sulphates — No Silicone — No Animal-testing.

A real philosophy at Paris-Bahamas®, they respect the nature of your skin but also of the environment.

The laboratory, located in the famous Brittany region of France, has received the French Government’s coveted “Non-polluting factory” certification.

These products have no outer-packaging, avoiding paper waste to protect our forests. Eco-consciousness to better respect nature and your skin!


23096-150.jpg Paris-Bahamas - Walk On The Beach Face & Body Scrub - 150 ml
Item 23096


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The most fabulously summer-soft skin…
Gently exfoliate from top to toe with ultra-fine Bahamian Pink Sand for the most fabulously summer-soft skin. Ultra-natural, this face and body scrub leaves your skin with an incredible glow...the secret to a beautiful, even Bahamian tan. For the first time, experience the fusion of authentic ingredients from the Bahamas with highly sophisticated French skincare.

23101-150.jpg Paris-Bahamas - Sun Glow Shimmering Dry Oil - 50 ml
Item 23101


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For face, body & hair...
Let the warm sun fill you with endless radiance & energy... Enhance the beauty of your tan with this shimmering-bronze oil for skin that feels covered in silk and perfectly nourished. For the first time, experience the fusion of natural ingredients used in traditional Bahamian bush medicine with highly sophisticated French skincare.

23097-150.jpg Paris-Bahamas - Dream Island Eau de Toilette - 50 ml
Item 23097


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The scent of cool invigorating lagoons, delicately combining pineapple and orange with cedar and musc.

23099-150.jpg Paris-Bahamas - Island Cocktail Eau de Toilette - 50 ml
Item 23099


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Rum, cognac, spices and dry fruits.

23098-150.jpg Paris-Bahamas - Serenity Eau de Toilette - 50 ml
Item 23098


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Pure vanilla bliss scent.

23095-150.jpg Paris-Bahamas - Feel the Breeze Body & Hand Cream - 150 ml
Item 23095


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A cool summer breeze caresses your body…
So deliciously light, this body-cream hydrates and regenerates all normal to dry skins. A perfect after-sun cream. For the first time, experience the fusion of natural healing plants used in traditional Bahamian medicine with highly sophisticated French skincare.

Delight In The Tropics!
With your Paris-Bahamas purchase of $75 or more, receive a 20 ml Eau de Toilette of your choice! Please let us know which scent you would like to receive in the comments area upon checkout! From skin care to fragrance, Paris-Bahamas will leave you looking and feeling good!

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