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Cutting edge, simple and effective! Straight from the Opalis Institute in Paris - comes the Opalis hair care range. Straight-forward and effective products provide results appropriate for your hair condition. Each product within the range is highly concentrated and formulated with the finest cold-pressed oil and plant essences. Discover their famous "LA CRÈME" for daily nourishment of your hair!

Opalis Paris

12900-150.jpg Opalis - "La Lotion" Coffret - 5 x 20 ml
Item 12900


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A balancing and stimulating hair lotion for oily scalps, dandruff and weak hair. Made up of burdock, Indian cress and sage, "La Lotion" is an excellent stimulant: it encourages hair re-growth, regulates excess sebum of oily hair and effectively treats dandruff-prone hair. It also helps soothe itching. For optimum results, it is essential to follow the treatment diligently for the length of time indicated. Application only takes a few seconds.

12966-150.jpg Opalis - "La Crème" Custom Conditioner - 200 ml
Item 12966


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"La Crème" is a complex of 3 oils (macadamia, sweet almond and wheatgerm), it conditions without weighing hair down. Because "La Crème" can be rinsed out to varying degrees, it can be customized and suitable for all hair types. Your hair becomes hydrated, nourished and shielded by a protective film - while shiny and supple. Detangling...a breeze! You will love the soft almond scent.

12898-150.jpg Opalis - Lavender Shampoo (Normal Hair) - 150 ml
Item 12898


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Rich and pleasingly fragranced, this fluid shampoo with lavender essential oil brings extreme softness to normal hair, preferably short. Because of its neutral formula, it can also be alternated with a more specific shampoo from the OPALIS range. For frequent or daily use.

12894-150.jpg Opalis - Shampoo Cream for Dry Hair - 150 ml
Item 12894


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A very gentle natural shampoo with Orange Flower Extracts to nourish dry hair as well as for normal hair that is long or medium-length. Enriched with wheatgerm oil to restructure and protect capillary fibers. Plant extracts soften and leave hair supple and shiny. Can be used daily - follow with "La Crème" and "L'Huile" if needed.

12896-150.jpg Opalis - Shampoo Cream for Dandruff Flakes - 150 ml
Item 12896


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Contains French Cade oil to help with dandruff on scalp. Thanks to the special properties of cade oil (French juniper)*, this shampoo provides truly effective protection against dandruff. Whatever the cause of dandruff (stress or pollution, for example), it is necessary to cleanse the scalp of its impurities. By washing your hair daily or every two days, you enable purifying and balancing cade oil to cleanse your scalp and soothe any itching. This shampoo formula is enriched with softening agents, so your hair won’t dry out even with frequent use.

12895-150.jpg Opalis - Shampoo Cream for Oily Hair - 150 ml
Item 12895


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This Shampoo Cream, made up of French Thyme and Rosemary to help regulates excessive sebum without damaging your hair. Cleaned and toned, your scalp can breathe again; your hair becomes light and springy. For best results, Institut Opalis Paris recommends that you combine the Shampoo Cream with the "La Lotion". For long or medium-length hair, you are advised to use the "La Crème".

12897-150.jpg Opalis - "L'Huile" - 50 ml
Item 12897


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Macadamia nut oil, the main ingredient in the formula, is an excellent repairer of hair that is dry, very dry or frizzy. The composition of macadamia nut oil, rich in fatty acids, is very similar to that of sebum, which is vital to healthy hair. "L’Huile" is like a "Band-Aid" for damaged hair, and quickly repairs the effects of daily aggressors or natural dryness. Its vanilla and almond fragrance is a delight.

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