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A pharmacist fascinated by phytotherapy and aromatherapy created Nuxe in 1957 (from the French words nature & luxe); then the brand was taken over by Aliza Jabès in 1989, who gave it a new start.

Laboratoire NUXE chooses the purest plants and essential oils used in synergy with optimum quantities, guaranteeing the best efficiency for the skin.

Long before the current "natural" vogue, NUXE revealed a new trend in cosmetics with formulas based on phyto and aromatherapy. They are against excessive promises and against misleading packaging.

These high quality natural products with their original textures and subtle aromas are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Multi-usage, with a wide range of properties, NUXE products are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

Products are developed under the highest pharmaceutical standards with natural active ingredients, an exclusive patented preservative system - free of animal ingredients, mineral oils and artificial coloring agents. All the packaging is recyclable.

Nuxe is a unique brand combining Nature, Performance and Sensuality.


Prodigieux® Le Parfum

NEW Eau de Parfum with the unique scent of Prodigieux!

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Shop for facial care products by your skin type!

Shop By Range

Shop for facial care and body care products by range!

Prodigieux® All-In-One Care

Huile Prodigieuse® with its beauty-enhancing effect, your skin is beautiful, delicately tanned and moisturized in a single application.

Rêve de Miel® Nourishing Care

Nourishing Honey Range for face & body care...

Body & Hair Care

Firming, moisturizing and cleansing products for the body & hair...

Gift Sets

Travel Kits and "Try-me" sets - with essentials for face & body.

Men's Care

Anti-Irritation Shaving Gel, Multi-Purpose After-Shave Balm, Multi-Purpose Eye Cream, 24 Hour Protection Deodorant, Moisturizing Multi-Purpose Gel and Multi-Use Shower Gel.
Get Your Rosey Glow!
The rose, the queen of flowers, is delicate, fragile and endowed with a subtle fragrance. Associated with well-being and sensuality, the rose has been a beauty product for centuries and is renowned for its softening, moisturizing and toning properties. Slough off winter skin with a complimentary Nuxe Gentle Exfoliating Gel With Rose Petals 75 ml, take one home with your Nuxe Paris purchase of $45 or more!

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