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Nomad Two Worlds began as a steeply messaged artistic collaboration project between internationally renowned Australian photographer Russell James and Australian Indigenous artists. It has since expanded into additional cultural collaborations worldwide, established the Nomad Two Worlds Foundation, and evolved into a socially responsible global business whose mission is two-fold:

To collaborate with Indigenous artists, and artists from marginalized communities, to create culturally relevant contemporary art and consumer products which provide long-term economic benefit to the artists and further the public’s understanding and appreciation of the world’s most threatened cultures and communities; and

To utilize art and collaborative commerce as a way to open cultural dialogue, and to provide long-term and sustainable economic opportunities for the Indigenous and marginalized artists and communities it partners with.

Nomad Two Worlds

24474-150.jpg NOMAD Two Worlds - Raw Spirit - Fire Tree Fragrance Oil - 7.5 ml
Item 24474


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An extraordinary, limited edition blend of Australian sandalwood and fire tree oils. The fire tree's rare, exquisite and sensual extract, with smoky, woody base notes intermingled with clean, fresh, almost lilac top notes, has long been prized for what many believe to be its unique ability to amplify each wearer's own energy and attract like-minds.

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