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Created in 1920, the line “Musgo Real” is more modern than ever. Combining the manual production over almost 100 years with the demands of modern times, this line reveals a complete set of products adequate to the most diverse care of the male universe. Unique in moisturizing, they are enriched with lanolin, glycerin, karité butter and coconut oil that make them absolutely recommended to fight the external aggression of the daily life.

These products are very creamy and soft, have a man-like and revitalizing fragrance in an aromatic blend that harmonizes the herbal essences of vetiver, eucalyptus and the strength of patchouli.

Manly, elegant and distinct, the Musgo Real line stands for the quality of its products, contemporary and modern packages recently renewed that exhibit the authentic and original labels of Claus Porto.

Musgo Real

21725-150.jpg Musgo Real - Agua de Colonia No.1 - Orange Amber - 3.33 oz
Item 21725


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The cologne combines the fruity and sweet aroma of mandarin orange with the fresh and relaxing fragrance of bergamot oil and light accents of amber, making it a fragrance for all occasions.

Mandarin orange, bergamot oil and amber.

21723-150.jpg Musgo Real - Pre-Shave Oil - 3.33 oz
Item 21723


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The almond oil and grape seeds formula cleans the pores, while protecting, smoothing and refreshing recently healed skin allergies.

A thin layer of this gel should be applied in soaked, ready to be shaved skin, making this the perfect complement to the Musgo Real shaving gel.

21721-150.jpg Musgo Real - After Shave - Classic Scent - 3.4 oz
Item 21721


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The after shave original's formula is enriched with aloe extract (smoothes and calms the skin), hamamelis (tones the skin up), and with Echinacea (softens the just-shaved skin, avoiding irritations).

It maintains the line’s original fragrance, combining the revitalizing and intense scents of vetyver and patchouli.

Vetyver and Patchouli.

21722-150.jpg Musgo Real - After Shave Balsam - 3.4 oz
Item 21722


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Especially for the most sensitive and irritated skin types, this after-shave has a moisturizing and reparative action in dry and damaged skins, due to the almond and jojoba oils; a protective and smoothening effect from karité shea butter and marshmallow cream. Moreover, it speeds the skin’s natural healing process because it contains echinacea.

21726-150.jpg Musgo Real - Agua de Colonia No.2 - Oak Moss - 3.33 oz
Item 21726


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The oak moss, with its strong aroma and blended with soft herbal accents, creates a woody and involving cologne with a touch of freshness.

This cologne combines woody spices, coriander and lime, resulting in a pungent and provocative fragrance.

Oak moss, herbal accents, woody spices, coriander and lime.

21727-150.jpg Musgo Real - Agua de Colonia No.3 - Spiced Citrus - 3.33 oz
Item 21727


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A gourmet aromatic fragrance for daring, decided and charismatic men. This is Spiced Citrus, the result of the mixture of wooden spices with warm coriander and the fresh of lime. It is an extremely male, intense and provoking perfume, ideal for those who like to be surprisingly mysterious and original.

Spiced citrus, woody spices, coriander, lime.

21720-150.jpg Musgo Real - Shave Cream - 3.4 oz
Item 21720


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The shaving cream enriched with lanolin and glycerine, smoothes the bear, enabling an easier, long-lasting and more pleasant shaving.

Produced manually from natural ingredients, this shaving cream is stirred in an open kettle for three days, which gives it an ultra-creamy texture.

21718-150.jpg Musgo Real - Glycerin Lime Oil Soap - Classic Scent - 5.8 oz
Item 21718


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With alcohol traces to purify the skin, castor oil to smooth and soak it and lime oil to refresh it, this soap is the perfect preparation for the shaving “ritual”.

Unquestionably, this is the perfect complement for men who appreciate a natural and pure soap.

Musgo Real - Men's Body Soap - 5.6 oz
Item 21719


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Considered, and historically proved, the genesis of the Musgo Real line, this soap combines the anti-septic power to the creamy texture of the coconut oil, being nowadays one of the most appreciated products of this centenary line.

21724-150.jpg Musgo Real - Soap on a Rope - 6.7 oz
Item 21724


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Created in 1887 for the Portuguese aristocracy, this is the line’s original product.

Enriched with coconut oil, this soap is a powerful antiseptic, while making the bar creamy.

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