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The hottest cult creams from France have arrived! Enriched with mango butter and skin softening botanicals for pretty hands & feet. Arm yourself with these adorable purse sized tubes and get ready to combat the urban jungle!

Discover this French brand, led by a cosmetic marketing specialist who focuses on creating excitement in the skin care market.

Miss Ferling

28852-150.jpg Miss Ferling - Ribbon of Satin Lip Balm - 10 g
Item 28852


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This transparent balm reveals its color when applied to the lips. It turns a light or more intense pink, reacting to the person's natural pH. To all lips it brings nourishment and noticeable comfort. Lasts for hours and feels great!

19793-150.jpg Miss Ferling - Baume du Dodo - Night Lip Balm - 7.5 g
Item 19793


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With its velvety touch, Baume du Dodo pampers through the night so lips wake up with a smile. Lightly fragrant and non-sticky, it has staying power but is forgotten once applied. Night after night, it repairs and regenerates. Its almost 100% natural formula (except aroma) is loaded with active ingredients that show convincing results. The fragrance is enticing - a blend of blossoming orange tree and sweet almond - while the flavor remains discreet.

18733-150.jpg Miss Ferling - Baume de Levres Irise a la Violette (Kiss Me Sweet Mona Lip Balm) - 7.5 g
Item 18733


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Mona Lisa's secret revealed? Like her, smile through camera flashes. Beat the wind, cold rain and sun with this glamorous pearly balm, a promise of sweet violet-scented kisses. With its retro look, delicious violet-scented aroma, lovely flowers and a hint of silver sparkles, this product sublimates the smile. Kiss me sweet Mona acts as an essential daily lip care. With its ultra natural formula which has the power to revitalize, soften and protect, it fights cracks, irritations and damaged lips.

17400-150.jpg Miss Ferling - Baume de Dalmatie (Hand Cream) - 15 ml
Item 17400


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Puppy love! A hand cream for velvety paws!

This surprising cream presents an astonishing white texture loaded with black dots. Magic! These dots are in fact nourishing active ingredients which melt on the skin when massaging the cream. The feeling of moisturizing is intense and the hands are perfectly clean and velvety soft.

17399-150.jpg Miss Ferling - Baume des Tigresses (Hand Cream) - 15 ml
Item 17399

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Mango butter, mallow and passionflower make soft hands & pretty nails to combat the urban jungle.

In France the "tigresse" the female tiger, is known as a true woman - glamorous, possessive, with a strong personality... In our case it may be a woman who needs to show her claws to get what she wants in the hard world of today - the urban jungle.

18339-150.jpg Miss Ferling - Baume des Tigresses - Bling-Bling (Hand Cream) - 15 ml
Item 18339

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*All sale items are considered a final sale. No returns or exchanges will be accepted. Thank you!

Bling-Bling is enriched with mother-of-pearl, leaving hands and forearms subtly illuminated with a golden veil. The skin is softened by mango and passionflower and perfumed deliciously with marshmallow. It is the promise of happy parties and of glowing skin year round.

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