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Meow Meow Tweet Face & Body Care

30628-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - Face Mask - 1.5 oz
Item 30628


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Calling all sensitive, blemish prone, oily and dry skin! Yep, thatís right, all of you! This nutrient rich, antioxidant mask is perfect for ALL skin types. This mask is sooo gentle but so full of action. You wonít believe the work itís doing and how calm your face will feel.

30629-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - Spot Serum - 0.32 oz
Item 30629


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We like polka dotsÖ but not on our faces! Enter the spot serum. This treatment is a powerhouse of organic essential oils that discourage bacteria growth and combat blemishes. Delivered in organic jojoba oil, known for itís similarity to the skinís own sebum, this fresh, handy roll-on is the perfect solution to stop blemish growth, or shrink and heal existing spots.

30630-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - Face & Body Cream - 4 oz
Item 30630


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Treat your skin to this dreamy wonder cream! Packed with gorgeous oils and butters, it can be used from head to toe for ultimate hydration and healing. All star organic plant oils, like tamanu, rosehip and pumpkin seed oils, address dry, itchy skin while reducing scars and fine lines. Formulated for delicate facial skin and the whole body, it will penetrate quickly without clogging pores.

30544-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - Cocoa Skin Cream - 4 oz
Item 30544


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A gentle moisturizer, this cream is perfect for dry skin and daily use. Made purely with only four ingredients, it smells naturally of chocolate and is perfect for sensitive skin. Formulated without wax or water, the goodness of organic cocoa and shea butters with organic sunflower and hempseed oils soaks right in and stays put without a greasy residue.

30162-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - Pink Rose Clay Bar Soap - 4.5 oz
Item 30162


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Lather your way to a rosy disposition! This Pink Rose Clay bar is a gentle and moisturizing facial soap for all skin types, with a calming floral scent. French pink clay and crushed rose petals cleanse and detoxify skin with the lightest exfoliation. Delicately scented geranium, palmarosa and lavender essential oils calm and heal skin while toning and clearing the complexion.

28087-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - Baking Soda Free Deodorant Cream with Grapefruit - 2.4 oz
Item 28087


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Fresh and Citrusey Grapefruit.

Have you made the switch to natural deodorant but struggle with underarm sensitivity from baking soda? We've taken our well-loved classic deodorant cream and made a few modifications to create this new formula, perfect for those with sensitive skin and just as effective.

24432-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - Lavender Deodorant Cream - 2.4 oz
Item 24432


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This completely natural cream is safe, effective and will leave you smelling fresh all day.

24433-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - Tea Tree Deodorant Cream - 2.4 oz
Item 24433


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This completely natural cream is safe, effective and will leave you smelling fresh all day.

27130-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - Juniper Lemon Salt Scrub - 8 oz
Item 27130


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Exfoliating your skin once or twice a week is the best way to improve your skin tone. This scrub contains California sea salt and a mixture of moisturizing plant oils to unclog pores, promote a speedy turnover of skin cells, balance your skinís oil production, and rid your pores of toxins and dirt. Lemon peel powder and a fresh, sweet and herbaceous mix of essential oils, like juniper and bergamot, enhance the clarity, glow and softness of your skin.

26389-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - All Natural Herbal Insect Repellent - 3.8 oz
Item 26389


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This all natural insect repellent is powerful enough to combat prehistoric mosquitoes without toxic chemicals. Plant-based essential oils combine with natural skin toners to create a body mist that can be sprayed directly onto your skin, hair, and clothes.

26390-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - Relief Balm - 1.5 oz
Item 26390


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This purely plant-based, petroleum-free "tiger balm" is truly multi-purpose. Use as an aromatic chest rub for congestion, to subdue itchy bug bites, to calm headaches, and as a sore muscle and joint rub.

25985-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - Repair Balm - 1.5 oz
Item 25985


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Made from only the highest quality plant-based ingredients. Featuring healing myrrh, used since ancient Egypt to promote healthy skin, the balm also employs vetiver and chamomile to be a nourishing warrior against dryness and chapped or cracked skin. Organic shea butter, organic sesame oil, and wild crafted candelilla wax combine healing powers while providing a creamy consistency to go on smooth and soak right in.

25204-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - Lavender Lemongrass Body Oil - 3.8 oz
Item 25204


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Healing and soothing lavender paired with the cleansing and astringent properties of lemongrass create a calming and gentle body oil.

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