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Making in the Meow Meow Tweet studio is an olfactory experience. Soaps, Oils, Balms and Candles are all developed as if they were modern culinary dishes. Black Walnut Sage, Fennel Orange, and Rosemary Lime do indeed seem like delicious taste combinations, and that's exactly the idea behind Meow Meow Tweet's apothecary collection.

When Tara and Jeff of Meow Meow Tweet have an idea about the next product they want to create, they start with scent combinations. Each concoction is carefully mixed to produce the perfect aroma with healthful benefits specific to the product. Bar soaps with lavender and lemon calm and tone the skin, while a body oil with jasmine and rose hips soothe and repair. Not only would these combinations taste great, but the ingredients provide specific healthful qualities, resulting in a uniquely therapeutic and aromatic product. Just as in cooking, excellent ingredients are equally important. Meow Meow Tweet uses USDA certified organic plant oils, butters and botanicals; and all products are vegan, 100% natural and, of course, never tested on animals.

Each product is packaged in unique artwork made specifically for it. Jeff and Tara work together on the design, creating drawings that give Meow Meow Tweet its unmistakable aesthetic. The drawings are transferred to print on the labels and matched to the appropriate product. All of the soaps are packaged with paper that is 25% hemp fiber and 75% post consumer, and all the toiletries and candles are packaged in glass with biodegradable labels.

Meow Meow Tweet Bar Soaps

30162-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - Pink Rose Clay Bar Soap - 4.5 oz
Item 30162


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Lather your way to a rosy disposition! This Pink Rose Clay bar is a gentle and moisturizing facial soap for all skin types, with a calming floral scent. French pink clay and crushed rose petals cleanse and detoxify skin with the lightest exfoliation. Delicately scented geranium, palmarosa and lavender essential oils calm and heal skin while toning and clearing the complexion.

29401-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - Bergamot Salt Bar Soap - 4.5 oz
Item 29401


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Refresh and awaken your skin with our Bergamot Salt bar soap! Chock full of Pacific sea salt, the light scrubbiness promotes a speedy turnover of skin cells and rids your pores of toxins and dirt. A moisturizing mixture of organic plant oils creates a dreamy, creamy lather with a fresh, sweet and herbaceous essential oil scent that enhances the clarity, glow and softness of your skin.

24341-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - Black Walnut Sage Bar Soap - 5 oz
Item 24341


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Vibrant sage is antiseptic and antibacterial, while walnut oil has moisturizing and toning properties. Black walnut powder lends a dark tint and earthy scent, as well as a gentle scrub.

24342-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - Fennel Orange Bar Soap - 5 oz
Item 24342


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The scents of spicy, sweet fennel and bright, crisp orange come together in this energizing and warming soap that mildly exfoliates with ground oats.

24343-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - Tangerine Basil Bar Soap - 5 oz
Item 24343


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The refreshing scent of tangerine is infused with the sweet and spicy scent of basil to cool and relax; loaded with poppy seeds to massage whilst exfoliating.

24345-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - Beer Shampoo Bar Soap - 5 oz
Item 24345


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With a rich lather and it's sweet and herbal scent, this beer soap was forumlated to nourish, condition and detangle hair, but feel free to use it on your whole body, too!

24435-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - Lavender Lemon Bar Soap - 5 oz
Item 24435


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For lavender enthusiasts, this fragrant and moisturizing soap with traces of lemon to calm and soothe.

24436-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - Grapefruit Mint Bar Soap - 5 oz
Item 24436


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A cool, fresh and subtle soap with the crisp, invigorating scent of grapefruit complimented with a sweet peppermint finish and exfoliating dried mint leaves.

24437-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - Rosemary Lime Bar Soap - 5 oz
Item 24437


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Enjoy the herbaceous, woody scent of rosemary paired with tart, citrusy notes of lime. Bits of cornmeal are squeezed into this shea butter soap to exfoliate you while moisturizing.

24438-150.jpg Meow Meow Tweet - Tea Tree Eucalyptus Bar Soap - 5 oz
Item 24438


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Detoxify your skin with activated charcoal while cocoa butter promotes a youthful complexion and ground oats mildly exfoliate. Use as a facial bar or over your entire body.

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