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Discover a new world of beauty and healing with Lucy B's Apothecary. Like an alchemist of old, Lucy B's spins the elements of nature into cosmetic gold. Here, ancient healing lore and plant wisdom come together with the most modern technology, innovative organic ingredients and hip, seductive packaging.

Technically known as vibrational healing, the flower essences work by subtly balancing the energies of the body and being. Based on the idea that negative mental, emotional and spiritual states impact negatively on the body, the essences help rid the body of toxic emotions, fears and imbalances. Lucy B's also includes pure, organic essential oils for their aromatherapeutic healing properties in most products.

Essential oils, the pure extracts of plants, trees, fruits and herbs, are powerful natural chemicals with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties which have an affinity with the skin and body. Lucy B's employs both flower essences and organic essential oils because they're dynamic, active and highly sensitive wholistic healing agents.

Created by international makeup artist Lucy Baldock-Sacchi & Marco Sacchi, the range offers an opportunity to experience the bliss of pampering and luxury. Lucy B's invites you to experience a deeper level of serenity and style by using the products daily.

Lucy B's believes six deep breaths a day can improve your life.
Lucy B's believes that we are all beautiful inside and out.
Lucy B's believes you already make a difference in the world.

Lucy B's Apothecary

Eau de Parfums

Australian Wild Jasmine, Pink Frangipani, Tiare Coconut, Tropical Gardenia, Royal Egyptian Amber & Honeysuckle, Royal Green Fig & Vanilla Woods, Royal Peony Rose & Mandarin Musk and Royal Water Lotus & Vanilla Musk!

Perfume Roll-Ons

The complete collection in portable, roll-on sizes.

Shimmer Oils

NEW Frangipani Shimmer Oil, made with coconut and argan oil! The Bronzing Shimmer Oil is made with organic coconut, jojoba & sunflower oils and bronzes and hydrates. Both oils can be used on the body, face & hair!
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