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With over 20 years of hairstyling experience, Lucia Iraci has acquired absolute knowledge in the skills of beauty, intuitive to the needs of women. Her range of hair care is based upon her profound knowledge of traditional Mediterranean plants and their uses along with her passion for treating the hair and scalp in its entirety.

Magic in the air ...
In a secret place, protected from the bustle and stress of urban life, Lucia Iraci welcomes you to her little private paradise of the Sixth Arrondissement. Soft lighting, quiet and very relaxed, well-being imperceptibly enveloping you as you cross the threshold. For a few minutes or hours, you will leave your worries with your trench coat in the cloakroom; it is time to refresh your mind and morale. Custom cuts, colors a la carte, technical and creative homemade recipes, Lucia is a virtuoso with scissors and her studios are at your disposal to meet with her team to satisfy your every desire. Her orders: to treat you as the VIP you are!
“I want every woman here to feel as though she walks in the shoes of a star or a supermodel.”

Lucia Iraci

14039-150.jpg Lucia Iraci - Beauty Masque w/ Essential Oil of Mediterranean Garden Sweet Orange - Dry Hair - 200 ml
Item 14039


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Simply Beauty Mask with Essential Oil of Sweet Mediterranean Orange. Nourishing and repairing, the Masque Simplement Beauté works on dry/damaged hair to leave it glossy and soft and just begging to be touched.

14042-150.jpg Lucia Iraci - Cleansing Masque w/ Mediterranean Garden Lavender Essential Oil - Oily Hair - 200 ml
Item 14042


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Pure Cleansing Masque with Mediterranean Garden Lavender Essential Oils. White and unctuous in texture like a beauty cream in a beautiful glossy black pot, this product is for greasy hair. Lightly perfumed with fresh lavender, absorbs odors and regulates sebum production.

14770-150.jpg Lucia Iraci - Hydrating Leave-in Conditioner w/ Mediterranean Garden Myrtle Water - 100 ml
Item 14770


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A leave-in liquid solution rich in natural essential oils - on hair after washing to give it shine and softness. It can also be used at any time on dry hair for a dose of instant brightness and the scent of the sunny south. The presence of soft and sweet geranium essential oil in Eau de Myrte helps soften the myrtle’s naturally spicy freshness.

14038-150.jpg Lucia Iraci - Taming Shampoo w/ Mediterranean Garden Essential Oil of Myrtle - Dry Hair - 200 ml
Item 14038


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Shampooing Sublimateur (Smoothing/Taming Shampoo) with Essential Oil of Mediterranean Myrtle. Nourishing, smoothing and taming, Shampooing Sublimateur gently cleanses hair to leave it looking glossy and healthy.

14040-150.jpg Lucia Iraci - Vintage Oil w/ Essential Oils of Mediterranean Garden Seeds - Dry Hair - 200 ml
Item 14040


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Huile Vintage (Vintage Oil) with Essential Oils of Mediterranean Garden Seeds. To restructure, repair and detangle, Huile Vintage is applied to dry hair before shampooing.

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