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Les Chochottes offers pain-relieving products that represent genuine hard-working research. This line of patented products is full of innovating synergy and is easy-to-use.


The story of the brand: Les Chochottes is a family business. this photo hereunder is the one of my ancestors. The brand was born in my consulting room, more than three years ago, as I was using more and more systematically heat therapy. I also developed it to meet the growing demand of my patients. Originally, the “Chochotte” was a compress of flax seeds that I was using like a “hot-water bottle” and as a pad for essential oils. Then it was developed into a brand. Les Chochottes - 1st brand for para physiotherapy.

With my regards,
Sylvie Couderc State-certified Physiotherapist

Les Chochottes

20574-150.jpg Les Chochottes - Be Cool Spray - 30 ml
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An invitation to calm down and relax. The synergy of 6 different 100% natural essential oils induce a feeling of serenity and relaxation. Antimicrobial properties help to fight against sadness. The grapefruit will disinfect the air and will calm down nervousness, irritability and anxiousness. Bitter orange oil will soothe the sympathetic nervous system. Geranium will tone up and balance transitory instabilities. Vetiver will relieve headaches and provide a sense of calm. Basil stimulates energy and helps when feeling a bit depressed or when experiencing sleeping disorders.

20578-150.jpg Les Chochottes - Red Clay Plaster - 75 ml
Item 20578

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A natural plaster made of red clay is very rich in trace elements and enables healthy cellular reconstruction. In association with oils and hydrogycolic extracts of Arnica, Flax or Liquorice, Red Clay Plaster will help with bruises, bumps and inflammations. In presence of wild vine HGE, cellular irrigation will increase and therefore prevent the formation of edemas or hematomas.

20577-150.jpg Les Chochottes - Sport Tendinitis Liniment - 75 ml
Item 20577


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This liniment has soothing properties and is especially recommended for muscular and joint overstrains. The synergetic power of vegetal and essential oils and their anti-inflammatory and sedative properties (Flax, Jojoba, Astrocaryum, Gaultheria, Eucalyptus Citriodora and Litsea) is amplified through the stimulating effect of Arnica on blood flow. A rub down with the liniment at night before going to bed, followed by the application of a cold Les Chochottes pad or wrap will relieve tendinous tightness, strained or pulled muscles, joint weaknesses, tennis elbow and tendinitis.

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