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Luxury fragrance oils in single note floral scents that take you on Leilani's journey around the world, from Hawaii to the Mediterranean.

Inspired by her upbringing in Hawaii and her travels around the world as a fashion model, Leilani created the LEILANI BISHOP collection of single- note scents. In Hawaiian, LEILANI means "Flowers from Heaven" and growing up on the beautiful island of Kauai, she has been heavily influenced by the sensuality of flowers. The three single- note fragrances in the LEILANI BISHOP collection− Pikake, Lilac and Orange Blossom− are inspired by the memories each individual scent evokes.

Living in Hawaii and dancing hula as a child, Leilani cultivated an early awareness of the earth. In Hawaiian culture, you're taught to respect the power of the earth and to honor her beauty. Pikake is inspired by her upbringing and love for Hawaii. As a young woman in the fashion industry, Leilani was able to indulge her love for beauty with luxurious clothes, further exploring her sensuality. A time marked by her find of Lilacs, which she discovered upon moving to the Hamptons, a scent that is as intoxicating as any tropical flower. Leilani's love for travel and the exotic is represented in the third scent, Orange Blossoms, reminding her of visits to Africa and the Mediterranean, signifying her journey of becoming a woman. With her LEILANI BISHOP fragrance oils, she wants the wearer to feel as if the scent accents her own unique femininity.

As collectors of antiquities of all cultures, Leilani’s parents sparked a curiosity of the world and its mysteries. In fact, the three LEILANI BISHOP roller- ball bottles are inspired by a jewel-like antique- glass vase. In the early days of beauty products, the packaging and casing made one feel as beautiful and abundant as the products themselves. This is a feeling the LEILANI BISHOP scents recapture.

It is important to Leilani that women celebrate themselves in all ways, she believes nothing is stronger and more powerful than a women’s femininity and her ability to express it. This is what inspires her lifestyle and line.

Leilani Bishop

23895-150.jpg Leilani Bishop - Lilac Fragrance Oil - 10 ml
Item 23895


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Capturing the full-bodied scent of lilacs in bloom, sexy and joyful in the breeze.The delicate nature of the lilac is softly feminine yet empowering. A scent that soothed my transition to the East Coast from Hawaii.

23896-150.jpg Leilani Bishop - Pikake Fragrance Oil - 10 ml
Item 23896


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Noted as the "Hawaiian Jasmine," the intoxicating scent of this tiny white blossom is sweet and musky, laced with the fragrance of the Islands. Labeled the "Flower of Love" by an Hawaiian princess , the Pikake is a true part of Hawaii's heritage and evokes in me the "spirit of Aloha."

23897-150.jpg Leilani Bishop - Orange Blossom Fragrance Oil - 10 ml
Item 23897


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Tangy and clean with a trace of sweet, the fragrance encompasses the whole of the tree, from the leaves to the flowers and fruit. Capturing the alluring scent of a Mediterranean orange grove, a scent that is as grounding as it is exhilarating.

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