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L'Artisan fragrances have a touch of "audacity" & more than a splash of originality. All this comes from the desire to explore new olfactory territories.

The juices are created from blends of rare and quality raw materials and the latest technologies in fragrance chemistry. Master perfumers instinctively understand the importance of harmony within fragrance, choosing the right notes to create subtle shifts and flow in the structure of the fragrances as they unfold on the skin.

Fragrance head notes are volatile and light, usually citrus, aromatic and green; lasting about half an hour. The heart notes, often the defining personality of the fragrance are generally floral, fruity and spicy and can last for up to five hours. The deeper base notes are usually woody, amber and animalic, and can last on skin for up to twelve hours and linger in clothing for days.

L'Artisan Eaux des Toilettes are, in fact, more concentrated than other versions on the market. Their Extrêmes formulations are unusual variations on their originals, highlighting a facet of the original formulation to create something that is subtly different but beautifully compliments the original. For example, Mûre et Musc Extrême is more fruity than Mûre et Musc, and the L’Eau d’Ambre Extrême is more spiced than the original L’Eau d’Ambre.

If you are looking for a fragrance that lasts and has warm, comforting, sensual qualities, Eau de Parfum is the formulation to buy. It is best to apply Eau de Parfum where the blood beats closest to the skin - pulse points, wrists, collarbone, décolleté and throat. Avoid behind the ear as there are glands which can affect the settling of the scent.

Eau de Toilette suits those looking for a certain freshness as the fragrance settles onto the skin, without the scent ever becoming too overpowering. Eau de Toilettes have a lighter more subtle scent. They were originally designed as refreshing body splashes to help people wake up, as part of their morning toilette.


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