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For years, this island company never exported their famous line of sun, body and massage products. Bringing them back from the Caribbean was the only way to obtain them! Now you can enjoy these coveted products from magical St. Barthelemy. For the first time, the island company has released its precious body lotions and personal care products to a select group of stores in the USA. One application and you are hooked! Try for yourself and see what all the rage is about!

Ligne St. Barth


The ST BARTH VISAGE range contains all the natural energy of Carribean plants, fruits and flowers. Experience how your skin feels clearer, healthier and naturally active each day.

Body Care

Maintains the natural balance of your skin making you feel pampered and relaxed. These products are soothing and caring and are wonderfully fragrant.

Hair Care

Products to maintain the natural balance of your hair & scalp.


ST BARTH FRAGRANCE gives you a range of harmonious and sensual perfumes and Eaux de Toilette that evokes floral, exotic, woody and spicy notes.

Men's Care

The range ST BARTH HOMME is especially designed for men, lightly scented with a subtle fragrance of royal fern, moss and hay.

Sun Care

The seeds of the rare "roucouyer" tree are the base of the ST BARTH SOLAIRE sun care line. The roucou stimulates the natural pigment of the epidermis. The skin becomes rapidly tanned, incomparably seductive with great suppleness and long lasting color.
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