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The ancient room deodorizer, Papier d’Arménie (Paper of Armenia), has been trusted for more than one hundred years to quickly and naturally purify the air with a warm, familiar ambiance. After cooking or near the family pet, fold a single paper accordion-style, light an end and quickly blow it out allowing it to burn slowly. Use the terracotta holder specially made for this traditional and convenient incense alternative.

The Paris suburb of Montrouge is the site of the workshop where traditional skills have always been used to make Papier d’Arménie. Its production involves several stages: preparing the aromatic bath, salinising the paper, drying it in an oven, resting and finishing – that is, cutting the paper into leaves, perforating the strips, assembling the booklets and finally packing them for you.

Papier d'Armenie

Papier d'Armenie - La Rose Burning Papers - 12 sheets
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The legendary Papier d'Arménie booklet is adorned with rose to welcome the scent of the moment. While preserving its well-known oriental notes, the booklet features an appealing rose fragrance and offers exclusive scents when the strips are burned. Each sheet has three uses.

10645-150.jpg Papier d'Armenie - Burning Papers - 12 sheets
Item 10645


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The paper owes its unique pleasant fragrance to benzoin resin. Without it, "Papier d'Arménie" would never have become what it is. Whilst on a trip to Armenia, Auguste Ponsot discovered the resin's disinfecting qualities and subsequently decided to introduce them to France. Each sheet has three uses.

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