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Beautiful, handmade and rustic soaps and spa products with a function manufactured in Varberg, Sweden.

L:A Bruket was created for the coastal living conditions in Sweden with its harsh weather, strong sunshine, salt water, surfers, sun worshipers, spas and seaweed. The products are all created out of respect for nature and traditions with a modern twist. Soaps, Facial Care, Bath & Body + Home Ambiance for the Swedish lifestyle stateside.

The raw material certifications are made by all or at least one of following organizations: Soil Association (UK), NOP-USDA (USA) EcoCert (Europe).

L:A Bruket Candles & Home

30918-150.jpg L:A Bruket - No. 153 Tabac Candle - 260 g
Item 30918


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On a base of masculine vibrations in tobacco, cedarwood and earthy dry notes the sweet enticement of musk, lemon and jasmin creates a golden aura of mindfulness and anticipation to give life and focus to your mind. Burns +45 hour.

30917-150.jpg L:A Bruket - No. 152 Coriander Candle - 260 g
Item 30917


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The therapeutic properties of Aetheroleum coriandri is traditionally known to give emotional relief, strengthen the thought process and chase away anxiety. The scent of coriander and mint leaves has a mind warming effect that will entice spiritual and emotional inspiration to linger for long. Burns +45 hours.

30916-150.jpg L:A Bruket - No. 151 Grapefruit Candle - 260 g
Item 30916


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The delectable aroma of Citrus aurantium paradisii has a pronounced impact on senses and emotions. It is refreshing as well as euphoria-inducing and energizing. It will release and evoke warm feelings and inspire personalities to loosen up and be happy. Burns +45 hours.

30915-150.jpg L:A Bruket - No. 149 Black Oak Candle - 260 g
Item 30915


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A scent of blackened oak and Nordic woods. Formulated with cashmere wood and birch to give a calming and strengthening aroma experience that brings an urban soul back to nature. Burns +45 hours.

26614-150.jpg L:A Bruket - No. 097 Wool/Cashmere Laundry Detergent - 450 ml
Item 26614


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Sandalwood scent.

Mild and gentle biodegradable detergent without bleach designed for hand or machine-washing wool and cashmere. Lanolin protects the fibers, reduces wear and extends the life of your garments. Wool/Cashmere retains the sheen and color of the wool and has a warm scent of sandalwood.

26609-150.jpg L:A Bruket - No. 068 Lavender Linen Water - 1000 ml
Item 26609


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Use linen water when you iron laundry, sprinkle it on textiles or as fragrance in your linen closet. You will receive a dose of aromatherapy at the same time as your laundry and your home smells lovely. Lavender is calming and is said to keep the moths away.

26612-150.jpg L:A Bruket - No. 076 Lemongrass/Rosemary Dishwashing Soap - 500 ml
Item 26612


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Washing up liquid Lemongrass/Rosemary: A fresh and natural aroma kick when you wash up the dishes.

A mild and fluid dish washing detergent scented with essential oils from lemongrass and rosemary. Easily biodegradable ingredients give a clean result and are gentle to your skin and to nature.

26613-150.jpg L:A Bruket - No. 096 Cotton/Denim Laundry Detergent - 450 ml
Item 26613


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Patchouli /Lavender scent.

Mild and gentle biodegradable detergent without bleach designed for hand or machine-washing denim or cotton. Cottonseed oil protects the fibers, reduces wear and extends the life of your garments. Cotton/Denim is designed to protect your favorite jeans, preserve the blue indigo color and give you a touch of scent every time you put them on. Can be used without fabric softener.

26611-150.jpg L:A Bruket - No. 085 Lime/Tea Tree/Mint Dog Shampoo - 500 ml
Item 26611


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A fresh and natural dog shampoo that has a soothing and moisturizing effect for fur and skin. Essential oils from Tea-Tree, Lime and Mint are antibacterial and soothing.

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