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Komenuka Bijin Facial Care

11467-150.jpg Komenuka Bijin - NS-K Facial Moisturizer - 1.2 oz
Item 11467


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This light, non-greasy moisturizing facial cream is suitable for all skin types, and good for use both morning and night. Rice bran and rice oil soften and promote regeneration of healthy skin, without the drying effects of ingredients such as clay, alpha hydroxy acids, and alcohol.

19624-150.jpg Komenuka Bijin - NS-K Special Make-Up Remover - 120 g
Item 19624


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Be more healthy, more fresh... Komenuka Bijin NS-K Special Series products are formulated with yeast extract, an ingredient for moisturizing. Quickly removes makeup, dirt and debris from the face, leaving skin refreshed and moist. In addition, hydrolized rice extract is also used to tone. Paraben and sulfate free.

18488-150.jpg Komenuka Bijin - Deep Moisture Jell Cream - 2.3 oz
Item 18488


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Deep Moisture Jell "Night" Cream is an essential part of your daily vitamin skin care regimen. This nourishing, enriched formulation of moisturizer, jell essence and milk is designed to work overnight to effectively moisturize, renew and revitalize tired skin.

11459-150.jpg Komenuka Bijin - Eye Moisture Gel - 1.4 oz
Item 11459


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Use this versatile and gentle gel to moisturize the areas around the eyes or mouth, to diminish the appearance of fine lines, or to matte skin before makeup application. Made with rice bran which contains a highly dense, natural form of vitamin B to soften and promote the regeneration of healthy skin. Can be used day or night.

11460-150.jpg Komenuka Bijin - NS-K Special Facial Cleansing Foam - 3.3 oz
Item 11460


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This water-based cleansing foam is concentrated, yet gentle enough for all skin types. Softens and smoothes as it invites your skin to radiate with cleanliness and health.

16015-150.jpg Komenuka Bijin - NS-K A-10 Cream - 5 x 5 g
Item 16015


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Natural Rice Bran & Enzyme Skin Care Cream. It rejuvenates the strength, elasticity and moisture in skin tissues. A blend of Rice Bran, Sake Enzyme and Herbs helps to minimize fine lines while enhancing skin texture, flexibility and tone by hydrating skin. This combination assures you’ll see a difference in your skin after just one week!

11468-150.jpg Komenuka Bijin - NS-K Moisture Cream Silver - 1.06 oz
Item 11468


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The richest moisturizer from Bijin - it rescues distressed skin, formulated to address the special need of dry skin, enhances the skin's renewal process. The added yeast stimulates skin cell's regeneration and actives the metabolism. Best to use as night cream. Not greasy.

11472-150.jpg Komenuka Bijin - Skin Lotion Toner - 4 oz
Item 11472


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This toner closes your pores after it cleanses them, while moisturizing with Aloe and Chamomile. Since it contains no alcohol, it is never drying. Rice oil soothes and softens, and aloe vera adds a natural sheen as it heals delicate skin tissue. Also recommended as a men after shave.

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