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All the fragrances in these bottles come from real plants/tree boughs and were extracted in-house using pre-industrial perfume techniques: juice presses, converted whiskey stills and crazy copper pipes.

Note from the creator: "When I first started this business, I looked everywhere for soaps that smell like real wild plants. But guess what, they don’t exist. The closest thing I could find were soaps with names like "Juniper," "Sage" and "Laurel" but these soaps smell nothing like the real plants they are named for because they are scented with essential oils and not with the real plant. Essential oils are extracted from plants in a complicated industrial process which yields very sweet, perfumey smelling oils. That’s why "Juniper" soaps invariably smell more like Chanel #5 than anything you are likely to bump into in the Grand Canyon. So I bought every soap making book I could get my hands on, spent a lot of messy days down in my basement experimenting, and eventually figured out a process by which I could get the scent and color of wild plants into the soap by infusing wild plants in the soap oils. These mild, all vegetable oil soaps are the only soaps I know of that smell like real wild plants because they are the only ones that are made exclusively from wild plant trimmings. I don’t use any essential oils, perfume oils, or colors - all the smell and color of the soap comes from the wild plant. So now you can enjoy the aromatic pleasures of hiking in the deep, dark woods of the Northwest or the sage blanketed hills of Southern California without ever leaving your tub."

Juniper Ridge Desert Grooming & Trail Soap

30166-150.jpg Juniper Ridge - Timberline Trail Beard Oil - 1 oz
Item 30166


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An organic jojoba-based moisturizer scented only with wild-fragrance formulated from wild spruce resin, lichen distillate, moss infusion, Fir oil, and late-summer wildflower enfleurage, all wildharvested this fall, deep in the Oregon backcountry.

Subalpine fir, spruce and pine. spring water, charred firewood, late-summer wild berries, glacial silt.

29536-150.jpg Juniper Ridge - Desert Face Oil - 1 oz
Item 29536


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An organic jojoba-based moisturizer scented with wildcrafted fragrance distilled from plants from the Mojave Desert of Southern California. No synthetic fragrance, no petrochemicals of any kind. The Desert Face Oil wears light; the jojoba oil absorbs quickly and won’t leave you greasy. Perfect for face, beard and hair!

Scent notes: rain in the Mojave, earthy Desert Chaparral flowers after a late winter rain, leathery Piñon needle and pitch, resinous desert cedar leaf, peppery black bush, hot granite stone midday in the desert sun.

30079-150.jpg Juniper Ridge - Christmas Fir Trail Soap - 8 oz
Item 30079


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The world’s premier wildharvested, organic liquid soap, good for your whole person. Draw a leaf on your hand in the shower and experience the deep and evocative tones of these Christmas Tree Forests. This all-purpose, organic shower gel is indeed, a Christmas tree in a bottle.

23733-150.jpg Juniper Ridge - Big Sur Trail Soap - 8 oz
Item 23733


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Big Sur in a bottle. Fragrance distilled from plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and other things found hiking the Big Sur backcountry. An aromatic snapshot of life on the trail.

Scent Notes: Driving down the coastal highway along 500-foot ocean cliffs and through misty Redwoods, the smell of wild Sage and sea mist in the air.

23734-150.jpg Juniper Ridge - Cascade Glacier Trail Soap - 8 oz
Item 23734


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All plant trimmings and tree boughs sustainable harvested in the Pacific Northwest's fir and alpine meadow country.

23736-150.jpg Juniper Ridge - Mojave Trail Soap - 8 oz
Item 23736


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All plant trimmings and tree boughs sustainably harvested in the big boulder woodland country of the Desert Southwest. (Formerly known as Inyo.)

23738-150.jpg Juniper Ridge - Siskiyou Trail Soap - 8 oz
Item 23738


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All plant trimmings and tree boughs sustainably harvested in the tangled, remote mountains of the Northwest's Klamath-Siskiyou country.

23737-150.jpg Juniper Ridge - Sierra Granite Trail Soap - 8 oz
Item 23737


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All plant trimmings and tree boughs sustainably harvested in the Sugar Pine, Cedar and Fir woodlands of the northern Sierra Nevada. (Formerly known as Yuba River.)

28589-150.jpg Juniper Ridge - Desert Denim Mist - 3.3 oz
Item 28589


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An all natural refresher for your denim. A couple of pumps from this stout metal bottle will leave you feeling like you're fresh off the trail.

Scent notes: Desert pinon, lavender and ambrosia.

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