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These incenses are made with 100% wild gathered leaves, wood and resins from the mountiains and deserts of the West. Instead of being sweet and perfumey, these incenses smell much more natural, subtle and woodsy.

Note from creator: "The incense aisles of most organic food stores and fancy hippy boutiques are full of disgustingly sweet-smelling incenses with names like “Egyptian Musk” and “Personal Awakening.” I’m sure this type of incense seemed really exciting 30 years ago when it was exotic and new and something your parents had never heard of, but did you really ever like the way it smelled? Cheap, perfume oil-based incense has driven the commercialization of the incense industry over the past half century, and although perfume oils have made strange scents like tangerine and bubble gum possible, they have also made incense into a perfumey mockery of what it should be. Incense has been around since the dawn of human culture, and it has always been about burning real plant material - resins, leaves and wood. For those of you who don’t like incense because you associate it with patchouli parties and chanting Krishnas, but find the smell of sitting around a campfire enjoyable and relaxing, these incenses are for you."

Juniper Ridge Incense

14307-150.jpg Juniper Ridge - Death Valley Incense - 20 sticks
Item 14307


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Juniper covers vast portions of the Southwest and seems happily at home clinging to small ledges on sheer Navajo sandstone cliffs, or peeking up between boulders on precipitous slopes. This incense captures the subtly sweet, cinnamon-like scent of Juniper and is reminiscent of back country campfires in the mesa and canyon country of the Southwest.

14305-150.jpg Juniper Ridge - Cedar Incense - 20 sticks
Item 14305


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Made only with wildcrafted plants, tree sap, wood and bark found hiking the backcountry. No hidden ingredients. No charcoal or perfume. Incense for people who enjoy sitting around the campfire.

14303-150.jpg Juniper Ridge - Desert Pinon Campfire Incense - 20 sticks
Item 14303


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Piñon Pine is found in abundance in the mountains and higher elevation plateau country of the desert Southwest, and its wood has a wonderful, sweet aroma when burned. This incense evokes winter nights in the high mesa and canyon country of the Southwest, where the pungent wood is burned as firewood, and the resinous smell of Piñon smoke drifts through high desert air.

14306-150.jpg Juniper Ridge - Douglas Fir Campfire Incense - 20 sticks
Item 14306


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No tree is more deeply identified with the Pacific Northwest than Douglas Fir. When burned, it has a wonderfully cozy, woodsmoke scent that might remind you of that time you camped on the Oregon Coast underneath the moss bejeweled grandaddy trees, and the light scent of Douglas Fir campfires hung in the air as night settled in.

14308-150.jpg Juniper Ridge - Sweetgrass Campfire Incense - 20 sticks
Item 14308


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Sweetgrass must have been one of the treasured plants of prehistoric people, because while it doesn't spread readily by seed, it managed to make its way to every inhabitable polar region of the world. In more recent times, Sweetgrass has become a favorite of the Native tribes of Canada and the American West, and is used ceremonially along with White Sage. When burned, it has a lovely, soft, vanilla-like scent and centering energy.

14304-150.jpg Juniper Ridge - White Sage Campfire Incense - 20 sticks
Item 14304


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White Sage, with its incredibly strong, aromatic resins, is the most highly prized western Sage. It is found only in the high, rugged mountains of southern California and northwestern Baja, Mexico, but is popular across the Southwest where it is used in Native American purification rituals. This is the world’s first and only 100% White Sage incense with all the magic of real White Sage.

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