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Beautiful products that are sober, refined and worthy of the subject. Welcome to the world where candles are devoted to reading and writing.

When creating the world of Jardins D’Écrivains, Anaïs naturally combined two of her passions, gardens and literature. Inevitably, she eventually expressed her complicity with certain writers through scent. A trail of scent is so evocative, and can be the vehicle for a memory or a poem. Symbolizing an era, a character or a place with a perfume arouses the soul of an investigator in Anaïs as she seeks out every relevant detail so that she, too, can tell a beautiful story.

The History of Jardins d’Ecrivains

While visiting the home of Victor Hugo in Guernsey, the idea of creating a perfume brand appeared to me.

Fascinated by literature from mother to daughter, I chose to interpret the olfactive way of expression to interprete the places of life and temperaments of my favorite writers.

In 2012 my first fragrance was born: George. Since this key moment, the brand is present in thirty countries, in a prestigious selection of concept stores and perfumeries niche.

A universal emotion emanates from literature, an essential cultural background for each of us. I share with you the passion of unusual perfumes that Colette defined as "the most essential unnecessary."

This collection will help you to identify the sources of inspiration for each of my creations.

Happy reading.


Jardins d'Ecrivains


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"You see, perfume awakens thought." - Victor Hugo.


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