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ISUN Men's Shaving & Skincare

23991-150.jpg ISUN - Basic Introductory Set for Men - 8 pcs
Item 23991


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Advanced Anti-Aging! This advanced care regime supports regeneration & repair, prevention of aging effects in skin from environmental causes, calming benefits, soothing hydration and moisture retention.

Refresh / Cleanse & Shave - 30 ml
Replenish / After Shave - 30 ml
Repair / Age Repair Serum - 10 ml
Restore / Antioxidant Moisturizer - 10 ml
Renew / Anti-Age Eye Gel - 5 ml
Revitalize / Body Moisturizer - 50 ml
Antioxidant Lip Balm - .15 oz
Rhassoul Refining Exfoliant - Sample
All in a Hemp Canvas pouch.

20994-150.jpg ISUN - Men's Refresh Cleansing Shave Cream - 50 ml
Item 20994


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The fresh and purifying aromas of spruce and cedar essentials oils add to the antimicrobial benefits of infused herbs in this soothing cleansing shaving cream. Coconut oil, aloe vera and agave nectar hydrate the skin and soften the beard for a smooth, close shave. Calming herbs add to the skin-soothing benefits. Refresh is pH balanced to match skin which helps to prevent skin from drying out and protect against bacterial invasion.

20995-150.jpg ISUN - Men's Replenish Soothing After Shave - 50 ml
Item 20995


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Much more than an ordinary after-shave, Replenish is an age-repair skin balm. Uplifting aromatic orange blossom (neroli) distillate with fir needle essential oil & ormus enriched mountain source spring water is infused with aloe vera & pure olive-derived sodium hyaluronate for deep hydration. Blended with soothing, collagen-boosting beta glucan and special algae and alpine herb extracts, this hydrating, oil-free, age-revitalizing solution also stimulates ATP cell energy for rapid skin renewal, protects collagen from degradation, protects and repairs cell DNA and provides natural UV protection.

20996-150.jpg ISUN - Men's Repair Age-Revitalizing Peptide Serum - 30 ml
Item 20996


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A true anti-aging serum, this distinctive blend of plant-derived peptides & powerful antioxidants is exclusively activated with super-conductive, energizing ORMUS (monatomic gold & silver). Cell communication is increased for rapid repair & regeneration and optimizes maintenance of more youthful appearing skin. Skin is naturally protected from the aging effects of UV damage with special enzymes from phytoplankton, superoxide dismutase (SOD), and other antioxidants.

20997-150.jpg ISUN - Men's Restore Age-Revitalizing Moisturizer - 30 ml
Item 20997


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100% active ingredients, ISUN Age-Revitalizing ‘Restore’ is formulated to carry ultra-high percentages of stabilized Vitamin C, COQ10 and other potent regenerating and profoundly effective antioxidants and rejuvenating fatty acids, deep into the tissues where true skin transformation occurs. Skin repair and regeneration, natural UV protection with highest levels of carotenes, Vitamin C and other antioxidants and sustained moisturizing properties are maximized with the 100% pure active oils.

20998-150.jpg ISUN - Men's Renew Hydrating Eye Gel - 10 ml
Item 20998


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A base of pure, olive-derived sodium hyaluronate saturates tissues with oil-free moisture helping to soften and ‘plump up’ fine lines. Blended with concentrated herb-infused rose distillate and aloe vera gel, a special peptide and herb extracts, skin is regenerated and dark circles and eye bag puffiness are reduced. Refreshing, soothing cucumber distillate helps alleviate any skin irritation surrounding the eyes.

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