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We are surrounded with stimuli on a daily basis that effects our state of balance in the way we feel about things, how we think and what’s happening in our bodies. What is needed to restore balance may change from one day to another. Traditional knowledge has shown us how plants, minerals and colors can gently help correct imbalances in our lives physically and mentally.

Each harmonizing oil is a distinctive blend of pure synergy in herbs, essential oils, base oils, gemstone and color energies. Created to nourish and restore balance, each individual formula offers special qualities and properties that can subtly effect the body and mind toward greater wellbeing.

ISUN’s unique and exclusive gemstone energized, aromatherapy herb oils offer a selection of 9 harmonizing organic body oils. The color of the gemstone and the gemstone itself included in each bottle, sets the energy of the oils and mists and its effects on the body-mind complex.

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ISUN Gemstone Aromatherapy Oils

17160-150.jpg ISUN - Gemstone Energy Body & Massage Oil Set - 9 x 30 ml
Item 17160


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An introductory set of the nine gemstone energy, aromatherapy, herbal body oils. Each gemstone aromatherapy has a related gemstone with unique properties for bath the body and the mind.

• Crystal (Purity/Clarity) - 30 ml
• Rose Quartz (Renew/Uplift) - 30 ml
• Amethyst (Calm/Aware) - 30 ml
• Azurite (Relax/Calm) - 30 ml
• Lapis (Release/Cool) - 30 ml
• Tourmaline (Balance/Soothe) - 30 ml
• Amber (Stimulate/Alert) - 30 ml
• Carnelian (Vitality/Enthusiasm) - 30 ml
• Garnet (Grounded/Centered) - 30 ml

17148-150.jpg ISUN - Amber Body Oil - 100 ml
Item 17148


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Amber oil enhances stimulation of body and mind supporting warmth with increased circulation in the tissues and alertness in the mind. The herbs and essential oils also have purifying properties that work more effectively when circulation is stimulated.

17144-150.jpg ISUN - Amethyst Energy Body Oil - 100 ml
Item 17144


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Amethyst oil is purifying and calming for the body, and ‘lifting’ and calming for the mind and emotions. Rosemary, lemon balm, lavender and blue violet infused in the oil possess all these qualities. The total synergy of the herbs and oils, and the amethyst quartz crystal included in the oil, lightens the mind and elevates consciousness.

17145-150.jpg ISUN - Azurite Body Oil - 100 ml
Item 17145


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Azurite body oil with indigo color vibrations supports deep relaxation for the body and mind. Blue-purple herbs of violet, tansy, purple rose, marjoram, valerian, kava kava and malva support a relaxing effect on the nervous system and body muscles. An ayuvedic herb blend ‘saraswati’ named after the goddess of knowledge and wisdom, has quieting effects on the mind.

17149-150.jpg ISUN - Carnelian Body Oil - 100 ml
Item 17149


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This sensuous aromatic oil warms and energizes the body, tones the skin, arouses warm emotions and elicits feelings of enthusiasm. The orange energy of carnelian supports vitality, confidence, creative energies and passion.

17142-150.jpg ISUN - Crystal Body Oil - 100 ml
Item 17142


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This oil is designed to purify body and mind and help bring clarity to thought. The herb-infused oil has a detoxifying effect with a blend of white sage, olive leaf, basil leaf, yarrow, honeysuckle and rosemary infused in grapeseed oil.

17150-150.jpg ISUN - Garnet Body Oil - 100 ml
Item 17150


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This rich, earthy oil strengthens and helps balance the whole body and nervous system and is ‘grounding’ or ‘centering’ to the mind and emotions. The roots of the herbs and essential oils included have a fortifying effect on the ‘root’ or the foundation of the physical body which supports a strong constitution.

17146-150.jpg ISUN - Lapis Body Oil - 100 ml
Item 17146


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The blue energy of lapis oil like the herbs and essential oils it is formulated with, makes this oil cooling to body, supporting release of heat in the tissues, and cooling for the mind helping to take the ‘heat’ out of emotions. The blue energy of lapis also expands thought and expression.

17143-150.jpg ISUN - Rose Quartz Body Oil - 100 ml
Item 17143


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This is an elevating oil that lifts the spirit and imparts a feeling of total well-being. An unusual citrusy, floral, sweet, spice aromablend has a joyful spirit that helps bring light into any situation.

17147-150.jpg ISUN - Tourmaline Body Oil - 100 ml
Item 17147


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This is the most harmonizing of all the oils supporting a balance within the body and mind, and in the physical and spiritual aspects of life. These harmonizing energies have a subtle healing and calming effect in any situation of imbalance.

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