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Ayurveda, called a ‘Science of Life,’ originated in India 5,000 years ago. In Ayurvedic theory, individuals are composed of five basic elements:
air - associated with the nervous system
fire - with metabolism
water – with body fluids
earth - with the minerals that make up bone and muscle
space - everything that holds the body together

The predominance of elements make up three primary constitutions (body-mind types) in individuals. In Ayurveda, these are called ‘doshas.’ They are named: Vata, which has air as the predominant element; Pitta, with fire predominant; and Kapha, with earth and water predominant.

Ayurvedic system of healing works with the Laws of Nature to create health and balance – a state where body, mind, emotions and spirit harmonize in perfection. Based on the principle that the body will heal itself if imbalances are corrected and maintained, Ayurveda relies on the use of herbs and oils and some minerals for therapeutic use.

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ISUN Ayurveda Dosha-Balancing Body Oils

18046-150.jpg ISUN - Kapha Balance Herb Oil - 200 ml
Item 18046


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This dosha-balancing oil helps to balance excess kapha by invigorating the body and mind by stimulating circulation, increasing mental alertness, detoxifying the system and elevating mood and emotions.

18045-150.jpg ISUN - Pitta Balance Herb Oil - 200 ml
Item 18045


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This dosha-balancing oil helps to balance excess pitta by removing excess heat to soothe and cool the body, mind and emotions, purifying the blood and generally relaxing mental stress and tension.

18044-150.jpg ISUN - Vata Balance Herb Oil - 200 ml
Item 18044


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This dosha-balancing oil helps to balance excess vata by warming and moisturizing the body, restoring strength, calming the nervous system, grounding anxiety-related emotions and center scattered thoughts.

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