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Introducing a new wellness body series - SOLUTION BOTANIQUE - medicinal oils with intense herbal infusions and high concentrations of essential oils. In the spirit of In Fiore, they have taken classic herbal formulas and modernized them by aligning their properties with today's modern ailments and environmental concerns.

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In Fiore Solution Botantique

23815-150.jpg In Fiore - CALENDULA Solution Botanique - 120 ml
Item 23815


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Healing accelerant for wounds and inflammation.
Lusciously golden Calendula is widely considered a balm for wounds and inflammation. An infusion of the flowers in Grapeseed and Jojoba oils is prepared and blended with nourishing Marula oil, which is high in antioxidants and oleic acid, that promote skin hydration and smoothness, prevent transepidermal water loss, and enhances the blend with its exceptional oxidative stability. Going deeper, our blend incorporates ancient homeopathic Gold Remedies – Neroli, Roman Chamomile, and Carrot Seed – integrating aeration and lightness into our living tissues, permeating metabolic processes, which is expressed through healthy skin.

23816-150.jpg In Fiore - FLEUR VIBRANTE Solution Botanique - 120 ml
Item 23816


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Healing accelerant to strengthen tissue elasticity.
In Fiore’s signature curative remedy-in-a-bottle brought to perfection with the opulent use of Jasmine “the flower of knowledge” and nourishing Marula oil, known for its high level of antioxidants and oleic acid. Fleur Vibrante strengthens tissue’s cell walls and reduces signs of photo (sun) damage, protects from radiation, ameliorates deep wrinkling and dehydration, and refines the texture and tone of tissue for glowing, luminous skin.

20964-150.jpg In Fiore - COMFREY Solution Botanique - 120 ml
Item 20964


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COMFREY botanical solution is used in the treatment of slow healing wounds and scars, repairing tissue damage, and stimulating cell growth. It is high in allantoin, which is superb for healing wounds and scars. Nettles are high in phenolic acids, an essential constituent of polyphenols, which are known to reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, and improve blood circulation. Lavender, frankincense, neroli, and helichrysum essential oils stimulate circulation bringing blood flow to the surface and accelerate cell renewal.

In Fiore Pur Face Oil
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