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Crafted with the finest absolutes and essences in a base of jojoba oil and golden honey scented beeswax. The rich and tenacious base lends an incomparable tenacity to In Fiore’s perfumes, allowing them to evolve and effortlessly blend with all skin types. Unlike synthetic fragrances, In Fiore's parfum solides continue to mature in their delicate compact casing, growing more complex and detailed with time. Each parfum solide layers beautifully with In Fiore body balms and oils, creating a veritable undulation of aroma. In Fiore parfum solides arrive in a precious golden-bronze embossed compact with mirror, packaged within a black velvet pouch and midnight-blue box. These Haute Concentré perfumes are available in opulent fragrances.

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In Fiore Parfum Solides

23850-150.jpg In Fiore - SAFFRON OF KASHMIR ATTAR Parfum Solide Haute Concentré - 0.25 oz
Item 23850


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With its languorous aura, Indian Saffron matures gracefully with a nuanced yet faceted glory. Intoxicating from its flourish, a sparkle of Neroli frames the classically honeyed heart while Orange Flower Absolute and Sandalwood quietly dapple throughout the composition lending an ethereal depth.

Saffron Attar, Neroli, Orange Flower Absolute, Sandalwood.

15516-150.jpg In Fiore - FLEUR ORANGE Parfum Solide Haute Concentré - 0.25 oz
Item 15516


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The sweet redolence of a warm, welcoming embrace from an exotic land. Neroli blossoms from Tunisia, Morocco and Lebanon intertwine with jasmine sambac absolute and diffuse into Oman frankincense, vetiver, oud, black pepper and opoponox from Arabia.

15489-150.jpg In Fiore - FLEURS BLANCHES (Formerly Amirah) Parfum Solide Haute Concentré - 0.25 oz
Item 15489


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Total floral seduction with absolutes of white tuberose, orange blossoms, Indian jasmine and rose petals, balanced by a rich, intoxicating base of Madagascan vanilla and labdanum.

15491-150.jpg In Fiore - FUMEÉ D'AMBRE (Formerly Najma) Parfum Solide Haute Concentré - 0.25 oz
Item 15491


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Mystery unfolds into a smoky invitation of incense, vetiver and patchouli leaves then leads to the rich musk of sweet amber.

15514-150.jpg In Fiore - NIGHT QUEEN Parfum Solide Haute Concentré - 0.25 oz
Item 15514


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The allure of evening’s song – a delicately powerful harmony of three types of the most exquisite jasmine flower absolutes from India, with bergamot peel and flirtations of fresh rose petals, oud, saffron and patchouli leaves.

18876-150.jpg In Fiore - OUD AMBERI ATTAR Parfum Solide Haute Concentré - 0.25 oz
Item 18876


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Simply mesmerizing. The mysterious and woody essence of Oud – earthy nuances with profound balsamic wine-like bouquet, blend with Indian rose bourbon and centifolia flowers which add warm, honey-like notes that softly reveal new character over time. Comprised of traditional Indian attar crafted in Uttar Pradesh under specific guidance to ensure authenticity and integrity.

15490-150.jpg In Fiore - PATCHOULI ROYALE (Formerly Jehan) Parfum Solide Haute Concentré - 0.25 oz
Item 15490


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Deep, refined, utterly bewitching. Composed from a cache of the finest antique patchouli leaves – an aromatic luxury obtained in Grasse, France, the world’s most famous perfume region. Patchouli brings a refined, complex profile: deep, dark, rooty aroma that fades into a light, amber sweetness. Oud, sandalwood and exotic balsams create a rich, woody base to balance the depth.

18875-150.jpg In Fiore - QUEEN ROSE ATTAR Parfum Solide Haute Concentré - 0.25 oz
Item 18875


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Enchanting and captivating. Rose gulab, the Regal Queen of Flowers, shimmers above a grove of sandalwood and a breeze of oud. Rose bourbon and centifolia absolutes ground the blend, adding a honey-like essence. Comprised of traditional Indian rose attar.

15515-150.jpg In Fiore - ROSE NOIR Parfum Solide Haute Concentré - 0.25 oz
Item 15515


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Intoxicating, like a fresh summer garden after the rain. Exquisite saffron and Damascena rose absolute glow luminously above a deeply rich and lingering base of oud and vetiver, with a hint of galbanum.

18550-150.jpg In Fiore - VETIVER SAMBAC Parfum Solide Haute Concentré - 0.25 oz
Item 18550


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Dark, sensual, mysterious, intriguing. Exotic Indian jasmine sambac blossoms slowly emerge through the smokiness of vetiver root and Oman frankincense.

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