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Specialized facial care products made of the highest quality wild crafted essences, floral waters, herbal infusions and all natural materials for your skin's most immediate needs.

In Fiore complexion treatments have the elemental, uncomplicated appeal of high quality floral and herbaceous raw ingredients with the added natural benefits of their well-known health and medicinal properties. This specialized skincare line provides you with a customized home apothecary where treatments can be selected based on your skin's immediate needs. Each complexion treatment integrates easily with other skincare lines so there's no over-thinking your facial regimen. Designed to be used individually or layered as part of a comprehensive regime and suitable for all skin types.

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In Fiore Complexion Treatments

20924-150.jpg In Fiore - LYMPHE Release II - 30 ml
Item 20924


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Holistic Rx for skin detoxification.

Re-blended for added potency, this upgraded treatment oil is refreshing, effective, and available now! Add it to your current regimen and enter 2015 presenting your best face to the world.

A complex herbal profile to fortify skin's immune defense in targeted, obstructed areas via tonifying lymphatic vessels and aspirating congestive extracellular fluids.

27772-150.jpg In Fiore - FLEUR VIBRANTE Instant Radiance Haute Concentré - 13 ml
Item 27772


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A concentrated version of Fleur Vibrante to help restore skin to its former glory.
Created especially for providing immediate relief for inflamed and irritated skin, Fleur Vibrante Haute Concentré re-synchronizes skin to achieve its optimal moisture levels.

26543-150.jpg In Fiore - VISAGE VITALE Radiance Boost - 30 ml
Item 26543


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A detoxifying “juice fast for the skin" designed as a catalyst for complexion serums and detoxifying regimens.

Visage Vitale flushes out impurities and brings the skin to an oxygenated state primed to receive deep healing benefits. Our formula is inspired by the historical use of organic apple cider vinegar as a potent circulatory tonic and detoxifier. This is reinforced with gotu kola, gingko biloba, panax ginseng, burdock root, frankincense, geranium, cypress, and birch oils. Alpha hydroxy acids and fruit enzymes promote exfoliation and help unclog pores, allowing Irish Moss to oxygenate and purify. Soothing properties of aloe vera juice, calendula extract, and lavender hydrosol synergize the blend bringing the complexion to a beautiful point of equipoise.

26520-150.jpg In Fiore - LUSTRA Illuminating Cleansing Essence - 125 ml
Item 26520


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A sumptuous, emollient cleansing oil that penetrates deeply to draw out impurities. Suitable for all skin types.

Your golden ticket to a clear, clean, supple complexion. This homeopathic oil-based formula sinks into the pores and dissolves readily into the skin’s natural oils, drawing impurities and bacteria to the surface where they can be wiped away. Glossy with an easily rinsable “slip,” Lustra is ideal for gentle facial massage and lymphatic stimulation – both of which are essential keys to effective cleansing. It moisturizes tissues and regulates natural sebum production, making it supremely effective for both oily and dry complexions.

13828-150.jpg In Fiore - COMPLEXE DE FLEUR Cellular Renewal Complex - 60 ml
Item 13828


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A cellular renewal healing wonder for even the most damaged skin.*

Nicknamed “liquid gold” by In Fiore devotees, our highly responsive Complexe de Fleur is comprised of the twelve most effective herbal infusions. Brings a youthful glow to even the most damaged skin by stimulating cell turnover and collagen production.

The blend is a 50% concentration of active constituents derived from rose petals, calendula blossoms, sea buckthorn berries, rose hips, comfrey leaf, and essential oils of French neroli, Bulgarian rose absolute, and Omani frankincense. A base of organic aloe and rosehip seed oil offers a silky feel and high penetration factor, delivering antioxidants and healing nutrients directly to the cell. For complete luminescence, follow with Fleur Vibrante.

18087-150.jpg In Fiore - CRÉME DE FLEUR Complexe Rejuvene - 50 ml
Item 18087


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A nutrient-rich moisture complex for deep hydration, revitalization and cell renewal.

This mineral and protein rich Crème de Fleur promotes cell renewal and deep hydration for aging, tired or neglected skin. Formulated for dry and mature skin types and skin exposed to dry or harsh climates, it provides a protective barrier from outside elements while regenerating and strengthening skin tissue.

18450-150.jpg In Fiore - LUCENSE Illuminating Floral Extract - 30 ml
Item 18450


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A complex serum of luminosity-boosting florals and herbs to bring your complexion to full radiant bloom.

Lucense Illuminating Floral Extract contains special florals and tyrosinase-inhibiting herbals to even out skin tone and pigmentation, leaving skin with a healthy and youthful radiance. Herbal extracts of turmeric, rumex, bearberry and licorice are blended in healing aloe and gentle alpha-hydroxyl acids, which soften the skin and intensify penetration of nutrients.

18451-150.jpg In Fiore - SOLEIL FLEUR Before Sun Treatment - 60 ml
Item 18451


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A powerful antioxidant and protective guard against free-radical damage.

Achieve protected, balanced, healthy skin with In Fiore Soleil Fleur. This combination of high-potency extracts and infusions contains all natural ingredients – like green tea, calendula, helichrysum, lavender, açai berry, pomegranate, sea buckthorn, comfrey root, myrrh – known as skin protectants while also promoting cell regeneration. Anti-inflammatory properties naturally soothe the skin, improving the appearance of even tone while fighting unwanted premature aging and UV effects.

21938-150.jpg In Fiore - VELOUTEÉ Multipurpose Balm for Lips and Eyes - 5 ml
Item 21938


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Our aromatic potage of plants and florals is your go-to cure-all for thirsty lips. Now fortified with high-antioxidant Sea Buckthorn extract!

Blended of nourishing extracts and oils like carrot seed, olive oil and resveratrol from Japanese bamboo, Veloutée does more than seal and protect. It penetrates deeply to counter environmental free radical damage and improves skin elasticity by reducing protein glycation, a main culprit of fine wrinkles. Gentle and versatile, it can be used to treat the lips, lip line, and the delicate area around the eyes.

19794-150.jpg In Fiore - VIS CLAIR Firming Eye Complex - 15 ml
Item 19794


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Nourishing crème of illuminating phyto-essences and ancient gold remedies for spirited, youthful eyes.

Bring life to dull eyes with In Fiore Vis Clair. Our Firming Eye Complex targets puffy, weary skin by promoting microcirculation and matrix rebuilding using nutrient-packed ingredients like Seaweed, Gingko biloba, Green coffee bean, Horsetail and Horse chestnut. Going deeper, our formula incorporates ancient homeopathic Gold Remedies -- Carrot seed, Calendula, Goldenrod, Roman Chamomile -- which usher light into the body and give expression through lively, brightened eyes. Deliciously golden and gently aromatic, Vis Clair is morning light and cool breezes captured in a jar. It is luscious yet thin, and offers easy coverage with immediate soothing effects. This all-natural formula is made with only the highest quality herbaceous and floral ingredients harvested in their most energetic form. Receive the penetrating benefits of In Fiore VIS CLAIR and experience radiant eyes illuminated from deep within.

13826-150.jpg In Fiore - FLEUR VIBRANTE Face Balm - 50 ml
Item 13826


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A curative remedy for scarring, redness, itchiness, and to strengthen tissue elasticity. Suitable for all skin types.

Loaded with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, Fleur Vibrante brings exuberance and life to skin of all types. The thick, luxurious texture completely absorbs into the skin without added heavy residue to heal scarring, burns, marks due to acne, sun damage, laser treatments and other aggressions. Safe enough to use on the body where scarring and marks are present (i.e. bikini line) - even stretch marks. Organic extracts and peels help reduce redness on contact and are excellent curatives for itching caused by rosacea and eczema. A must-have for sensitive skin, this healing balm is anti-inflammatory; strengthens tissue’s cell walls; reduces signs of photo (sun) damage such as hyperpigmentation, deep wrinkling and dehydration; and refines the texture and tone of skin for a glowing and luminous complexion.

14790-150.jpg In Fiore - LUSTRA Exfoliating Floral Compound - 50 ml
Item 14790


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A complex cleansing and restorative balm - or “Divine Mud" as known to our In Fiore devotées. Suitable for all skin types.

An invigorating facial in a jar, Lustra contains 12 organic, wild crafted ground blossoms and essential oils, including rose petals, calendula blossoms, rosehips, red clover, and lavender flowers with geranium oil and bergamot peel oil. Deeply cleansing and exfoliating, it improves circulation and brings blood flow to the surface, promotes lymphatic decongestion, moisturizes, and detoxifies impurities from within the skin for a completely revitalized complexion.

27192-150.jpg In Fiore - TREATE Gentle Cleansing Base - 125 ml
Item 27192


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A gentle daily cleansing emulsion essential for impurity-free skin, suitable for all skin types.

Treate is a deliciously scented floral milk that cleanses without stripping the skin. Subtly aromatic, the thin emulsion is made with organic aloe vera gel and soothing oils, 9 herbal infusions, Bulgarian rose water, and the subtlest hint of Indian jasmine blossoms.

14717-150.jpg In Fiore - VITALE Toning Floral Essence - 125 ml
Item 14717


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Refreshing, stimulating, healing, toning and oxygenating, this aloe-based blend of 14 synergistic herbal infusions and essential oils is formulated to deeply enhance face oil and serum penetration. Suitable for all skin types.

Aloe vera, the "Silent Healer," delivers vital herbs and essential oils directly to skin. With its high water content and 75 different constituents, aloe vera includes vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sugars, phenolic compounds, lignin, saponins, sterols, amino acids, and salicylic acid. Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and hastens wound healing by enhancing cell proliferation while breaking down and digesting dead tissue, including acne.

13511-150.jpg In Fiore - CALME Face Oil Concentré - 30 ml
Item 13511


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Quick acting and soothing, an excellent moisturizer to calm sensitive or reactive skin. CALME is an antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory oil blend that takes redness down on contact. Perfect after facial waxing or heavy extractions. It strengthens cell walls so that reactive skin becomes more resilient. Although lightly sedating, it also stimulates circulation, bringing nutrients and oxygen to cells. Calme is a light moisturizer excellent for all skin complexions, especially sensitive and reactive types, and layers beautifully over Lucense Illuminating Floral Extract.

13513-150.jpg In Fiore - NOURRIT Face Oil Concentré - 30 ml
Item 13513


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The Ultimate Night Repair Face Oil.

Some have coined Nourit Face Oil Concentré as the 'ultimate skin reviver'. It's easy to see why; the organically rich formula is packed full of rosehip seed oil to stimulate cellular regeneration and alleviate the appearance of wrinkles. In true In Fiore style, the silky soft serum has been infused with a boost of traditional rose and jasmine essences to vastly improve poor circulation and deeply repair sun damage, scars and marks. There's no need to layer the elixir with your creams as it packs a boost of concentrated radiance and vitality as it replenishes when used on its own.

13512-150.jpg In Fiore - PUR Face Oil Concentré - 30 ml
Item 13512


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A nourishing and revitalizing treatment to help regulate and balance oily or acneic skin.

Pur balances and refines congested, oily, or acneic skin while delivering vital nutrients to the cells. Evening primrose oil acts as a cellular regulator, bringing balance to skin tissues and aiding in skin cell regeneration. Improves skin elasticity and prevents acne from reoccurring. Perfect alone as a light moisturizer or layered over Complexe de Fleur.

Winter Skin Remedy!
With your $75 + purchase from In Fiore, receive a deluxe Fleur Vibrante Balm Sample! Packed full of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, Fleur Vibrante brings a youthful glow to all skin types. The thick, luxurious texture completely absorbs into the skin without added heavy residue to heal scarring, burns, marks due to acne, sun damage, laser treatments and other aggressions.

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