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In Fiore’s luxury treatment balms provide supplementary care for décolletage, bikini, and pédicurie. With a high concentration of healing essential oils and absolutes the rich and decadent blends provide a protective barrier that soothes, nourishes, and revitalizes the skin, improves skin tone, and stimulates new skin cell growth. Treatment balms can be applied daily and perform best when applied to skin that’s still damp from the bath and shower.

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In Fiore Luxury Body Treatments & Botanical Solutions

20924-150.jpg In Fiore - LYMPHE Release III - 30 ml
Item 20924


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Re-boots your skin’s energy cycle and fortifies immune defense.
Specially formulated to re-boot your skin’s energy cycle, this deep acting herbal elixir fortifies skin’s natural immune defense. A highly nutritive booster, Lymphe Release flushes out toxin buildup with a compound blend of Cleavers, Nettles, and Red Root infusions.

27774-150.jpg In Fiore - Night Queen Le Corps d'Huile - 125 ml
Item 27774


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Rich in antioxidants, replenishing oils for daily nourishing hydrotherapy.

The allure of evening’s song – the flawless touch of three varieties of exquisite jasmine flower absolutes from India coat the skin like silk paired with an inimitable sweetness from fresh rose petals and saffron to nourish skin and reduce signs of premature aging.

27775-150.jpg In Fiore - KASHMIR Le Corps d'Huile - 125 ml
Item 27775


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Rich in antioxidants, replenishing oils for daily nourishing hydrotherapy.

The dark and mysterious character of patchouli synergizes the enticing freshness of French neroli flowers and sustainable sandalwood from Australia, long valued as tonics for devitalized and dehydrated skin.

11131-150.jpg In Fiore - DÉCOLLETÉ Luxury Treatment Balm - 50 ml
Item 11131


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An In Fiore classic.
Luscious blend of essential oils including evening primrose and rosehip seed oils, which are known to reduce the signs of premature aging, improve skin tone, and counter the drying effects of sun exposure. Rich, warm, floral absolutes of rose and jasmine replenish dry and sensitive skin, reduce swelling, and prevent and heal stretch marks. Frankincense is a powerful breast lymphatic, while myrrh moves blood to help revitalize and repair mature or sun damaged skin. Cold-pressed bergamot peel encourages skin cell renewal.

26512-150.jpg In Fiore - BIKINI Luxury Treatment Balm - 50 ml
Item 26512


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A decadently smooth balm that provides a protective barrier on the skin that soothes, nourishes, and revitalizes.

Skin down there requires serious attention when exposed to the sun and hair removal methods. Perfect for holiday summer preparation is our reformulated Bikini Luxury Balm, truly the most luxurious skin-soothng balm you’ll find specially crafted for the painfully irritated skin along the bikini line.

11128-150.jpg In Fiore - CHAMOMILE Pédicurie Luxury Treatment Balm - 100 ml
Item 11128


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Protective, nourishing and restorative

Luxury Balm - Protective, nourishing and restorative. An intensive treatment that provides a healing barrier for the foot and rejuvenates the sole. The base is a nourishing and soothing blend that is nearest to the natural oils found in skin.

23815-150.jpg In Fiore - CALENDULA Solution Botanique - 125 ml
Item 23815


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Healing accelerant for wounds and inflammation.

20964-150.jpg In Fiore - COMFREY Solution Botanique - 120 ml
Item 20964


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Rich in allantoin to target tissue damage and stimulate cellular repair.
An herbal infusion of organic comfrey and nettle leaves with essential oils that target tissue damage and stimulate cellular repair.

19240-150.jpg In Fiore - CORPS VITALE Balancing Floral Tonic - 120 ml
Item 19240


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A powerhouse blend of lymphatic-supporting essences to achieve divine restoration for the body.

A light, amber hued, aromatic liquid based on aloe vera juice ("The "Silent Healer") and In Fiore tincture. Clean and bright aromatics with an earthy freshness from Omani frankincense. Geranium sur fleur roses and Davana flower balance with soft sweetness.

Corps Vitale calms the mind while your internal systems join together to cleanse the body of congestion. Awakens the lymphatic, circulatory, and immune systems by ushering toxins out through the skin. Experience slowed breath, increased circulation, a supported liver, and fortified blood.

20923-150.jpg In Fiore - FIRMANTE Elevating Leg Tonic - 125 ml
Item 20923


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Targets unwanted effects of circulatory stagnation and tissue laxity like fluid retention, vein visibility, and cellulite

A slimming and firming cellulite-fighting tonic, cypress oil and black spruce increase blood and lymphatic flow to help flush out toxins and excess water. Strengthens connective tissue and fortifies capillaries while simultaneously oxygenating surrounding tissues. Rejuvenating effects of neroli oil boost cell activity and repair broken veins.


23816-150.jpg In Fiore - FLEUR VIBRANTE Solution Botanique - 125 ml
Item 23816


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Ameliorates deep wrinkling and dehydration, and refines the texture of tissue to achieve glowing, luminous skin.
This signature curative ‘remedy-in-a-bottle’ is brought to perfection with the opulent use of purifying jasmine “Flower of Knowledge” and nourishing marula oil known for its high level of antioxidants and oleic acid, and its exceptional oxidative stability.

21938-150.jpg In Fiore - VELOUTEÉ Multipurpose Balm for Lips and Eyes - 5 ml
Item 21938


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This aromatic potage of plants and florals is your go-to cureall for thirsty lips.
Blended of nourishing extracts and oils like carrot seed, black currant, olive oil and resveratrol from Japanese bamboo, Veloutée does more than seal and protect. It penetrates deeply to counter environmental free radical damage and improves skin elasticity by reducing protein glycation, a main culprit of fine wrinkles. Gentle and versatile, it can be used to treat the lips, lip line, and the delicate area around the eyes.

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