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"Maison Honoré des Prés, Paris" perfumes are called "Pure Extracts of Nature" - they are just simply precious.

Clear and straightforward, they evoke earth’s magnificence and the sun’s sensual delight. Simply chic, Pure Extracts of Nature make no compromise and are “feats of art” by top perfumers.

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Honoré des Prés Purs Extraits De Nature

21179-150.jpg Honore des Pres - Chaman's Party Eau de Toilette - 50 ml
Item 21179


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Harvests of root of vetiver from Haiti, crowned basil from Egypt, woodsy notes, and dried flowers of clove of Madagascar. An explosive perfume due to its top-secret ingredients with aphrodisiac properties.

Vetiver, basil, woods, dried flowers and clove.

21180-150.jpg Honore des Pres - Sexy Angelic Eau de Toilette - 50 ml
Item 21180


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Sweet perfume of French women to seduce! A girl's secret to leave boys dumbfounded. For a spicy moment that flirts with ambiguity. A hug of fruits of fresh almonds, a snip of Hemiack flower, a touch of Angelic ut only the seed, hint of freshly baked "Calisson."

Fresh almond, Angelic's seed, hint of freshly baked Calisson.

21181-150.jpg Honore des Pres - Nu Green Eau de Toilette - 50 ml
Item 21181


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Pure Water, simple and well being. Inspired by a refreshing swim in a natural rock pool on Spring morning. A perfume for people who keep their secrets private. A ruffle of mint leaves enveloping dewy grass with Indian botanical musk, clumps of medicinal tarragon and cedar wood.

Green mint, herbs, Indian organic musc, tarragon, cedar wood.

21182-150.jpg Honore des Pres - Honore's Trip Eau de Toilette - 50 ml
Item 21182


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This perfume was created for and by Honoré des Prés.
An explosive cocktail of pure tangerine extracts, Mediterranean oranges, all yellow and green lemons, together with spicy pepper taken from trees in the Philippines Islands.

Tangerine, oranges, lemons, spicy pepper.

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